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negative nerve conduction tests but have neuropathic pain?

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Hi, I'm sure I'm not the first to ask but can anyone tell me why I can have horrendous neuropathic pain, freezing cold hand which goes blue yet nerve conduction tests have come back all good. I'm having a medical soon and am worried they may not believe the pain is real if test is negative (long-standing 10 yrs but getting much worse and spread). Any help appreciated :)

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Sounds like a trapped nerve and restricted blood supply.

I had the tests done on my right arm down to my fingers when they were trying to find any damage to nerves etc. There are conditions that can affect the wrist or shoulder so they will be trying to localise your condition.

i suffer from pins and needles down my arm to fingers and sciatica down the left leg that does not want to go away. So do not worry,

Good Luck


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Could this not be a circulation problem?

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Hi borderriever,

I see you mentioned pins and needles down your arm to fingers, I know that feeling well, have you had your Thyroid and B12 bloods tested ? your pins and needles could be down to either as they can mimic each other.

Good advice on here - from Health Unlocked's Thyroid Uk and PA (Pernicious Anemia/B12 Deficiency) community websites.

Have you had your vitamin D bloods checked also. ? 80 - 90% of us are either low or deficient of vitamin D without knowing it. I was found to be deficient and had no idea at all.

My sciatica, taibone pain, hips and stiffness getting out of bed in the morning or up out of chairs healed almost over night once I was on a good dose of vitamin D, but I was not cured on the dose my Doctor gave me. :)

Check out vitamindcouncil. for the many illness connected to being low or deficient in Vitamin D and for up to date safe dose advice.

Many don't realize the power of vitamin and minerals, especially now our soils are being depleted of nutrients, our bodies are not getting as much as they use to. I use to think a small vitamin pill was not worth the effort to take, but not now. :)

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Just had a tranche of blood tests two weeks ago and they feel it is only sugar that is the problem so will really have too loose weight.

Will look into above


nerve conduction studies only test for specific types of nerve problems. You can definitely still have neuropathic pain and have normal nerve conduction studies.

Thank you all for replies, it's really helpful. Will definitely ask about circulation as its always been put down to nerve issue. Fingers crossed for assessment 😊


Freezing cold hands and neuro type pains 'can' be down to thyroid,

Do you have any tiredness, brain fog, weight gain ?

What other symptoms do you have and where on your body do you get your neuro pains aliceinwonderland ?

My freezing cold hands and neuro pains etc., were down to hypothyroidism, though there is a condition Raynaud's disease connected to freezing cold hands.

Hi, thanks for reply - was recently treated for really low vit B12 and taking vitamin D supplements as that was found to be low too - to be honest as long-standing problem which as you say can be linked to these vitamins shocked that not been monitored properly - but had had blood tests so why not looked for specifically I don't know. Have had thyroid checked and is normal. Have got shoulder impingement but surgeon says does not account for all the symptoms - having a repeat of neck MRI as previously picked up narrowing c6 / c7. Fingers crossed get something which could be treated. :)

I always get a printout of my blood results for myself and family. I have had to learn how to read most of our families blood results. I can now work out if bloods are 'LOW' within range, it is quite easy to do so once the penny drops :)

Doctors usually do not take notice of bloods if the result falls 'within range' but even LOW 'within range' bloods can still be the cause of many illnesses.

I watched a video on you tube, but cannot remember what it was called, here is the jist of it though:-

A Doctor in America nearly died because no Doctors could find the reason of his chronic illness, his B12 blood showed NORMAL, eventually it was found his B12 blood was 'within range', (Normal) but 'LOW' 'within range'.

On You tube:-'Dr Chandy and B12 Deficiency' is an eye opener all Doctors should be asked to watch about two women and their miraculous recovery through having a vitamin deficiency. :)

Freezing cold hands which go blue - sounds like Raynaud's. I have neuropathic pain in both feet. Also had a nerve conduction test in both hands and feet - came back inconclusive.

As I am not a doctor I can not give a direct answer however from what I understand of neuropathic pain it is a central nervous system that cause's the pain. So I am bemused as to why it would make your hand go blue this is either lack of supply or oxygen that will cause that? I have lung and heart conditions and have occasions that have parts go blue but they are always as a result of low oxygen?

I hope that the medical finds the right answers for you. I had my GP's not acknowledging I had a lung problem for some years, even after I had lung failure and was in ICU for 32 days!

Be Well

Thank you I will keep trying to get the answers I need and I hope you keep well too :)

The nerves control your circulation. I have circulation issues but they are caused by nerve damage.

Nerve conduction tests as far as I understand test if the major nerves are intact from the point that the connection is made. They do not test for pressure on nerve roots or pressure on minor nerves all which can generate pain and discomfort. They often do not test for problems nearer to the spinal cord than the points where the connection pads are placed.

I have had a nerve conduction test which was used to try and demonstrate that my problems was imaginary. When MRI scans were easier to obtain on the NHS I had an MRI scan. The MRI scan showed why I was in pain and had problems with my arm.

The nerve conduction test was incorrectly used by the consultant that I had seen. There are many consultants in the NHS who do not know how to properably use the results from nerve conduction tests to write a diagnosis.

Hi nerve conduction study can be negative but doesn't mean it's conclusive . Pain is pain and each one of us is different . no -one can tell you otherwise . Any consultant who carries out the test will tell you the same. Try not to worry about the medical any sensible Dr will know the same. Good luck .

Ask for referral to chronic pain team in your area. Believe me, the chronic pain team will listen to you and will believe you, as pain is their speciality! I have has positive experiences with the chronic pain team i went to see in Edinburgh. The staff were lovely and they really listened to me and they never once said that i was making up my pain. I had to fill out a pain questionairs, had a physicL examination carried out by the consultant and she diagnosed my neuropathic pain immediately, and then at the same time prescibed my anaesthetic patches. I had a 6week review and was seen by the nurse practitioner. I have continued to wear my patches every day and have been on them since november last year. I still have to take my pregabalin twice a day,but i put up with the foggy brain, clumsiness and poor balance in order to stay as pain free as i can. I have moved to the isle of wight and have to get a new referral to a new pain team to keep being reviewed regularly. Think about asking your gp for a referral to a chronic pain team. You never know it could be the best thing since sliced bread. Good luck!

I too suffer with neuropathic pain followng a stroke in 2010. The pain effects the right side of my body. The stroke also effected my body thermostat, in warmish weather my right side will sweat whilst my left side is completely dry, I have also lost my tolerance to colder conditions & can often be found wearing a fleece when one should not need one. In addition, I can feel hot and within a couple of minutes cold. It is 5 months since your post, hopefully you have a better understanding of what is happening to you.

Do you take an osteoporosis called I think Raloxafine by Evista? This can cause nerve problems in hands, wrists and arms over a period of time

Should read Osteoporosis drug

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