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Fell again !!

Yesterday I was coming in through our patio door and there is a lip that you have to lift your leg to get in. My foot caught and I fell again ! I have had this happen a couple of other times . My leg is weak and it is hard to lift it . First time was outside on our cement stairs so I was pretty cut up . Second time I have fallen onto the same knee and I have some pretty large bruises. I am getting scared that if I fall again I may either hit my head or possibly break something. Has anyone else had this happen to them. Yesterday was very upsetting just feel so frustrated. Don't cry to often but yesterday felt like I was at the end of my rope. Has anyone had this happen to them because of spinal stenosis or other issues with your lumbar spine problems. My doctor mentioned MS and is sending me to a specialist but I really don't think its that. Thanks for any input some of you might have.


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Oh yes many times. I have spinal stenosis plus widespread arthritis amongst other things.

Just over a week ago I fell in my hallway flat on my face massive bruised lip etc,broken a rib three times in the past.

Sometimes you just can't see those falls coming because we fall over nothing.

We just have to be very very careful & take special care.

Sorry for your last fall it does shake you up most unpleasant.

Take care

Jen xx

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Thankyou Jen yes it is kind of scary forsure, I am sorry that you are having the same problem. I walk a lot at work so I will have to be more careful. I hope that you can have a wonderful day. The sun is shining and it is beautiful here.



Hi Janice sun has got its hat on now, it's warm.

Take it easy at WORK

Jen x


Check your legs for for over tight muscles. I have learnt that over tight muscles in the legs will pull on the lower vertebrate. This can have the effect of the legs losing their strength rather suddenly as a nerve root gets compressed.

Hope this has been helpful.


Thanks johnsmith I will start doing some stretching excersises.


Hi Janice

Yes, this happens to me quite a lot unfortunately! My left leg is numb from mid thigh down and I've have foot drop on that side too so my left leg is literally the only one holding me up.

If a nerve gets 'twanged' on the left then that leg just crumples and down I tumble. Sometimes I can grab something but I've learnt that by doing that I can hurt myself even more as the hand or arm inevitably gets yanked about too. I've grazed & sliced open skin as we as near dislocate my shoulder before so I just shield my face & head as much as possible and wait until I hit the floor!!

It's so demoralising, frustrating and at times, embarrassing especially if I'm out in public. The main issue though is the fact that the good leg collapsed; usually means a disc has moved or parts of the dessication process has splintered off so has hit the nerve. After a few tentative moments, I can feel (or not!) if I can still actually feel my left leg & groin. If not, it's a visit to the ED for me. Mostly, it's been ok and I'm just sore from the nerve pain and sore from falling.

I have to say, I now accept it as part of my life. The problems are mounting up as it is without more stress of trying to 'worry something away'. It is what it is for me; I'm doing muscle strengthening and stretching work with my physio to give me the least chance of this happening at all but we can't guarantee anything.

I do understand the immense emotions & pure shock that falling over can provoke; it's yet another thing to deal with!!

Stay safe.....



Sorry, that should read RIGHT leg is numb from mid thigh down......

Really annoying that I can't go back and correct anything!!



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