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Hi I am a newbie

I am Tanya I have Rheumatoid Arthritis for 5 years I have weekly injections of methotrexate injections and etanercept injections along with folic acid and naproxen. These help keep my flare up under control most of the time.

I am a complementary therapist so I am very interested in alternative methods in which to control my own pain and keep me working in a job I love very much.

I have two grown up children who are married with their little families. I try to keep my self as healthy as I can so I can enjoy my time with my five grandchildren. I do struggle some day's but I want to be in control and not RA in control of my life...... easy said than done some days.

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Hi TanyaOBoyle

Welcome to our friendly Pain Concern Community, very pleased you've joined us.



Hi and welcome Tanya. Did you know there's also a RA forum here on HealthUnlocked. It's called NRAS. Search for that and you should find it. I joined it as I *think* I might have sero-negative RA since it runs in my family and I have all the symptoms my mum had at this age. Docs don't agree though, so I have to keep fighting for more tests, etc. Currently waiting for another referral to a rheumatologist about it.

Anyway, there are a few people on here I've noticed with RA but you'll find lots more at the NRAS forum. :-)


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