I am due to go for PIP Atos Assessment on the 13th of May 2014

I am in a lot of pain currently going for Atos assessment.It is very difficult as I have to travel by cab and it is a fairly long journey. Due to the excruciating pain.

I will like to have the assessment done at home, I want to record it,so I have sent a request to record the assessment.Anyone had an assessment done by Atos at home recently? Is there anything I need to know, the last time Atos assessed me for my DLA

They twisted my words and took the. Motability car from me and that has made me a virtual prisoner in my house, with severe pain affecting me moving around has been difficult if not near impossible.

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  • Hi there, my understanding is that it's very tough, if they 'twisted your words' go to your local CAB, they will advise. Wish you well.


  • Thanks Backisbad, will get in touch with CAB

  • Only thing I'd suggest is to have a friend or family member sit in on the assessment as well as recording it. That way you have back up if you do have to challenge the decision.

  • Thanks earthwitch,

    Will get someone to go with me.Cheers

  • Have a look on Ebay theres lots of james bond type gadgets on there. Tell them you are recording the test, but dont tell them you have hidden recorders. They are sneaky so you have to be.........good luck

  • Thanks Docnai

  • i did have a visit at my home last June and sat there for a hour talking to the Dr from atos but when the report came back i thought so down you have to watch them they twist your answers and say they do examination of my back which he did not and said i have problems but will not get worse so i was told i could not get DWA i have appeal this

    and last Monday and went to hearing of my appeal but in the report from DWP made the decision with out taking any notice of my own doctor so now got to go back at a later date as they want more information from my doctor

    this is taking its toll on me as i have 4 problems ischaemic heart disease ,angina,arthritis in neck and lower back

    depression( this is caused by the pain i am in ) persistently back dominant pain and nerve damage in my facet joints

    i wish you all best in your assessment

  • Thanks edwin1956, yeah I know they willtry everything to prevent me fro. Getting back the motability.i plan to record it now also.

  • You will need a copy of the disibility Handbook. You will also need to find a specialist charity who can help you with the PIP assessment. CAB should know who does this in your area.

    You need to do the work to describe how you meet the requirements of PIP. This is why you need a copy of the disibility handbook.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks johnsmith,will,chase up,on the disability handbook will call CAB tomorrow.

  • Hello there fedupwithmybackpain..too.me too..they came out to me..said no were here by..when lady came said was 2 places here by and would been done months early...oh now say...I've chronic pain too..its not what's wrong its the way simptons effect you..the lady that came to me was OK..

  • Thanks louiseamos every little helps.

  • PS..some people on this site .have record the interview?? In case they twist things

  • Yes I will be recording the interview also.

  • Fedupwithmyback..I wish now I had..and got help filling in the form...it took 8 month for mine...but they do back date..a lot of folk have said to me they work..now in past when had my operation..went back part time..DLA said that was point in it??so not sure on that ??for those who can't work..any way good luck..it wasnt a doctor who came to me. Nor a nurse..and rang and told them that..she shouldn't of told me..I had my letter off my gp.. if they get you to pick something off floor ..don't..they can be very crafty I've heard good an bad..mine was OK..

  • Thank you louiseamos very good info will definitely keep it all in mind. Cheers

  • PS..fedupmybackpain..make sure you claim back taxi far..

  • Ok thanks very much :)

  • Hi just redimg over old posts and womdering how your PIP assesment went was it as bad as you expected? I remember you because you had that horrible consultation get cross because you got upset and it made me fuming mad with him! How are you going on now? Best wishes

  • Phew won my disability appeal, thankfully got the car back, that makes things a little easier, though the excruciating pain remains.

  • Phew won my disability appeal, thankfully got the car back, that makes things a little easier, though the excruciating pain remains.

  • Good news :) sorry the pain still there

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