Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, anyone tried this?

I have been reading quite a lot recently about PEMF therapy for chronic pain and I have seen various of those devices for sale for home use.

Has anyone tried this type of therapy , would be so wonderful to have something to try other than pills with all their side effects.

I can tolerate all opiates but nothing else.

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  • Hello Cuttysark,

    I use Actipatch which is a light loop 24/7. It does take some of the pain away makes it tolerable. Trouble is I have a lot of joint involvement so really need a lot of loops. At £24.95 for one month the cost is prohibitive. However, my left knee sub luxates and is horrendously painful. With the loop I can still feel the movement but with no pain. I have CRPS. I hope this is helpful

  • Many thanks for your suggestion. I think I will give this one a go as some of the others seem much more expensive and it would be useful to see if it helps me.

    Certainly worth a try, as it is something we can buy ourselves, without having to treck to the GP.

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