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Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, anyone tried this?

I have been reading quite a lot recently about PEMF therapy for chronic pain and I have seen various of those devices for sale for home use.

Has anyone tried this type of therapy , would be so wonderful to have something to try other than pills with all their side effects.

I can tolerate all opiates but nothing else.

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Hello Cuttysark,

I use Actipatch which is a light loop 24/7. It does take some of the pain away makes it tolerable. Trouble is I have a lot of joint involvement so really need a lot of loops. At £24.95 for one month the cost is prohibitive. However, my left knee sub luxates and is horrendously painful. With the loop I can still feel the movement but with no pain. I have CRPS. I hope this is helpful

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Many thanks for your suggestion. I think I will give this one a go as some of the others seem much more expensive and it would be useful to see if it helps me.

Certainly worth a try, as it is something we can buy ourselves, without having to treck to the GP.


hi i was wonderinng if you ever tried this out and if it helped? i have severe global inflammation feels like i am running 107 degree temp. makes me ache all over with pain...i wonder if this might help me? pain meds arent working very well on the pain for me...thank you for any info on this...



I am not sure if it would help your pain as it is widespread. I mainly was using it for a damaged nerve in my pelvis. I also have generalised pain but take painkillers for that but this nerve pain was doing my head in!!

As it was recommended I bought the Actipatch in Boots and it did give me a little relief. Not massive, like totally gone, but definitely a good bit less. So for me it was very worth buying it. I did find my skin got irritated by the very sticky plasters they give with it to hold it in place. Instead I bought some anti allergy tape in Boots and it has been better not irritating my skin and also better to remove.

Hope you find help from it if you get it.

All the best x


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