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Intravenous lidocaine therapy

I am new to this forum and have chronic facial pain as a result of a fall last year. I tripped and hit a brick wall teeth first and knocked a few teeth upwards and split my lip. I have been left with the most awful pain in my face and it is affecting every part of my life. I have lost lots of weight from not eating as it caused me pain and I seem to be allergic to every type of drug that would help. They have tried anti-convulsants but I can't tolerate them. They thought maybe I had trigeminal neuralgia but my pain doesn't fit the usual diagnosis. My pain consultant is going to try intravenous lidocaine therapy but I will have to wait until the end of July before they can start this. Has anybody had this? What was your experience?

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From my experience, as long as your not In north London, then try it, but if you are , then do not under any circumstances go near a Korean Doctor, and only have it done with qualified doctors present, at least you have witnesses present, like I had.

No seriously, I would say try it, as you have to find out what works for you, as you must trust the pain clinic as I find they know their business generally , best wishes Alex


I have trigeminal neuralgia. I too , don't fit the exact criteria as I have pain sometimes on both sides of my mouth. I am taking Carbamazepine. It is 90% successful but I do have the odd day of breakthrough pain.

It is a most hellish pain. Mine can last more than half an hour.

What has been suggested for you so far ?


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don't react well to all the drugs that can help and even ended up in hospital with a mild version of Steven Johnson syndrome. My pain team have told me they have now exhausted all medicine options so my next step is the intravenous lidocaine therapy. I am really getting desperate now and over did it with the pain killers the last time I took an attack. I would do / take anything to make to stop. Unfortunately it will be at least the end of July before they can start this new treatment.


Hi there

Sorry for your pain,the only thing I will say with that is if you don't tolerant medication well you will have to wait for that it work its way out of your system.I tried the lidocaine patches and they didn't do for me so I knew the infusion would have been no good.Just a thought.Good luck.

Sharon x


Thanks Sharon. My GP has given me some capsaicin cream to try as the coldness from the lidocaine just made things worse. Have you tried this cream?


I use this cream and find it gives good temporary relief,when you first use it it might burn a bit but that goes away after you use it a few times,good luck with it x


See a Dentist. Pressure on a tooth nerve can cause all sorts of effects which dentists would know about. It may be possible that a dentist would know of a possible solution to the problem.

Hope this helps


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