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Hello ,

I am new to this group so please forgive me if my post reads like war and peace! As I only found this site a few days ago in a desperate attempt to find some help and support after suffering from chronic back pain for past 9 months . I have previously had back surgery in 1994 for microdiscectomy L4-L5 and have had a few flare ups through the years which have in general been managed by pain killers and chiropractor.

Following a bad fall in my work carpark last April I have been plagued with low back and groin pain which did not respond to self treatment and I felt the need to consult my G P in October 2015. I was given the usual advice that is familar to all fellow pain sufferers on this site. Finally after several private manual physiotherapy sessions my doctor sent me for MRI scan in January , this apparently revealed marked DDD and facet joint erosion but did not reveal any trapped nerves . The pain has been dreadful over past 4 months and I have now been referred to pain management clinic . I am certain there is some nerve pinching going on as I find lying down very painful at times and the nerves throb in my low back. I am trying like many of you on here to manage my flare ups using analgesics, heat , ice and amitriptylene at night with slow progress but I remain ever hope full things will settle down to enable me to resume as full a life as possible as i am obviously tired of the pain and becoming reluctant to fill my body with pain killers long term . Any views, suggestions on how to move on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post, reading others on here helps me realise that many of us suffer pain on a daily basis and we can learn from other's experiences.

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  • Hi Handg,

    I only joined this site a few days ago so don't know much! Others will respond with advice. Welcome to the forum but it's a shame you had to join us.

    I didn't find the pain clinic useful. I wanted hydrotherapy and things like tai chi. All I got was pain killers. I'm going to see a chiropractor for the first time next week so I hope it will help.

    I have cervical spondylosis but my back is the worst. Apparently my lumbar spine is too flat, my right sacro ileac joint too high and tilted, and last week discovered that I have a mild form of spina bifida in the sacrum bone. Oh and impingement syndrome. Other than that I'm fine! My spina bifida was identified in 1994 but I only found out a week ago when looking at old medical records. They hadn't told me!

    It seems you are doing a lot to help your pain and I hope the more knowledgeable members of this forum will be able to help you. Take care. :-)

  • Hello LtAngua52

    Thanks for your reply it seems we have being new members in common as well as painful spine conditions. Let's hope we can find support on this community as it's not easy for others that haven't had painful conditions to understand . Wishing you well too . :)

  • Hello Handg

    Welcome to Pain Concern here on Health Unlocked. Very pleased that you have joined our friendly Community.


  • I have chronic bilatral pars defect L5 and S1. In other words I have a fractured vertabra both sides which has slipped down and pressing on vertabra below and pinching a nerve. I take celecoxib which is a anti inflammatory and tramadol when needed. I am in pain 24/7 and hate taking medication. I find pacing helps and to listen to your body. I also find that the only excercise I can do is swimming which has helped to strengthen my legs etc and can walk alot further than before. However you do need to make sure that your posture is good or you could make your back worse. Even if you can't swim the fact that your flouting in the water is bliss. You could do some stretches at the side of the pool which is so much easier in the water.

  • Thanks for your advice, it's good to know what works for others as ypu get to the point where you run out of solutions to try. I may go back in the pool but I have been advised that as I only swim breaststroke it is not the best for me but I do miss it. Like you I don't like taking tablets and I have just sent for a TENS machine to try that . Wishing you well with your pain management too.

  • I can't do the breaststroke anymore unless I wear a snorkel & goggles so my neck is in a neutral position but it looks a little odd to others in the pool!

    I either 'water walk' up to as deep as I can without tilting my head back, tread water or lie on my back and float. Sometimes if it was safe, I would do the odd backstroke to get a stretch. Once you've warmed up, doing the backstroke is really quite nice but a little hazardous if there are lots of other people in the water!

    As much as I love being in the water, I find it so hard as soon as I get out. From feeling light to feeling extra heavy and then the drying & dressing (which I find difficult all the time anyway) seems to almost 'undo' the work! I've had to really reduce to almost stop going now; such a shame as it was a part of my therapy but it's now been put on the 'not so good' list!

    Do you have any physiotherapy? You could maybe ask to go for hydrotherapy too? The water is amazingly warm!!


  • Hi I too am new, currently waiting for the input program at St Thomas's with the hope of a spinal cord stimulator, . In the past I found a chiropractor very helpful till he told me he wasn't prepared to touch my lumbar spine any more, I had a flexible fusion in my early twenties l4,/5, L5/S1, due to hyper mobile joints in my back ( I can still touch the floor with legs straight inspite of the fusion) have bulging disc slight stenosis and a screw that occasionally irritates the nerve , so the moment am managing on heat pads , amatryptalin, ibuprofen, co codomol if I can't avoid it and have recently had to give up work ( well they are dismissing me for incapacity and putting me forward for ill health retirement only atill in my forties). Have been advised by the Physio to try walking in the swimming pool so have got a referral to the gym by the G.P. Will let you know how that goes if your interested. Also had acupuncture which was quite soothing but didn't really make a difference, also try to practice meditation/ mindfulness techniques but not very consistently.

  • Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply . Appreciate all the advice , like you I am managing on pain meds and heat treatment . I have had acupuncture in the past and many sessions with chiropractor. I am reluctant to return to him as the manipulation left me in a lot more pain last time. I have just sent for Tens machine which might just take the edge off on bad days. I am currently off work and although I have a desk job there is still lots of filing , sitting and standing which at the moment is problematic. I hope you get accepted for the trials, yes keep me posted when you can on the new exercise regium. I can't touch my toes can only get 3/4 way down at min, will keep trying . I walk every day 20-40mins and try do 5 mins on exercise bike recommended by my last physio. I didn't think this episode of back pain would last so long and be one of the mist painfulnin the past 20 years since surgery . Good luck going forward and thankscagain for your reply. Hopefully hear from you again. :)

  • I've been hearing & researching that you shouldn't go to a chiropractor when you've got DDD; at least you know your chiropractor knew what he/she is doing!

    Have you tried yoga or pilates or any of the similar therapies? Some people swear by them whilst others don't see a difference. If you can find a group that does yoga/pilates for people with a disability, it would be even better.

    I try to have a hot stone massage every fortnight. I've got to know my therapist really well so she knows that I can't lay on my front without three, sometimes four pillows under my stomach. I'm in an arched position so she has to approach the massage differently (some of the stones slide off as I'm at such an angle!!) but I get some benefit from it. The warmth & gentle kneading with the stones is bliss!!

    I'll also book a full body massage with her but she focuses on my legs mainly. From toe to waist - back & front, just oils and a massage as hard or soft as I can take in certain areas. Obviously, the back of the thigh and bum cheek need a good kneading to 'try' 😩 to relax that muscle to hopefully ease the sciatic pain just a little but again, it's another therapy that I can control and isn't chemical!!


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