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Hi, I'm new to this forum, so I thought that I would introduce my self. I am 53 years old and have had chronic pain since a work accident in 2007,initially I hurt my lower back, in fact 2 of my discs burst,causing neuron at his nerve damage, I suffer from sciatica all the time,in varying degrees of pain,I have constant lower back pain, I have recently been diagnosed with Cervical stenosis. I take various painkillers, I work part time in a hospital. I am married..sometimes depressed with the pain but overall OK.

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Welcome on board Hunter196

Have you ever been referred to a Pain Clinic?


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I think you are very brave.

Still working - that is such an achievement.

Do you have any children?



I have 2 older children,still living at home.

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I feel for you and i understand fully where you are coming from.I hope you can find the same relief i did,im seeing alot on these sites and i feel for these people.Makes me feel so fortunate that my surgery was so successful.All the best stay strong.

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Welcome to the site. Have you tried Gabapentin (Neurontin) or pregabalin (Lyrica) the pain? Both work on sciatica.


I take 900mg a day of gabapentin,its pk for the nerve pain,but I feel that a higher dose is needed some days.


Go see your doc. Just tell him you are in pain. He should up your meds to see if it works. You can go to a max of 3600mg per day of Gabapentin. I was on 2400mg until I saw a nerve specialist recently who told me I could try a higher dose. So I spoke to my docs and I have gone up to 3000 mg a day. I thinks they are starting to kick in.

Also get your doc to refer you to a pain clinic. They really are great surgeons there who can get things done.

as for work, well every time you feel pain you are re-damaging your nerves. You may have to consider giving up work until damage is repaired. It's a long term thing I'm afraid.



Thanks for your reply,I have had chronic pain since 2007 so I know that its a long haul,just sick of it to be honest,I do get good days but the bad days are getting worse,as for work I need to keep going as long as possible just for my sanity.


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