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waiting for nerve blocks

still waiting for my next appointment at the pain clinic to have nerve blocks and also the results of MRI of back and pelvis. Fortunately my GP came out yesterday to bring me some Oramorph and he is going to order some local anaesthetic with a longer half life to inject into my groin next week. At least I am now beginning to feel like progress is being made, albeit very slowly.

Enjoy you weekend as much as you can, be strong.

D x

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thats good to hear that your getting some relief from your painDunkdil. pleased for you,


Thank you grace

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I'm very lucky to have a fantastic GP surgery near my village with good doctors and the ability to call up in the morning and be able to get an appointment that day. My actual GP takes my condition of chronic pain from inguinal neuropathy along with Fibromyalgia and in the past ptsd, seriously - plus he is very supportive.


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