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Nerve Blocks!

Would like to know if anyone has had success with nerve blocks? I have rectal-anal pain from PN.

Told by neurologist there is a 90% success rate, with four injections, spread four-six weeks apart.

Could anyone give me some input? Would appreciate as I am scheduled for this week.

Meds do not work and I just don't tolerate them. Thank you! Hugs & Blessings!!!


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Hi Trish,

But different, but I had nerve block in my neck almost a year ago and then again in September. I was sceptical but it took away around 95% of the arm pain I was having.

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Thank you both for your input. I do not have spinal pain, this is all anal-rectal. Excruciating burning & pain that puts me in bed for a week with ice to the butt! I cannot sit, walking I feel like my butt is going to fall out! I have called 911 at times at 2am to go to ER to get shot up with dilaudid! Sorry you had a bad experience Yikes2, hope I don't have the same! But all in all I have run out of options! I guess I have to just take the risk & pray!!!

Blessings & Hugs!!!!!!!



What you describe sounds like something I get from time to time and the only thing I find alleviates it is to rock backwards and forwards on the edge of my bed. Have they not done a colonoscopy to check there's nothing going on inside? MRI scans? I'm in the UK so it could be completely different here to there. Just a thought.


I had one nerve block.. it was one for my spine. It kept me awake for 5 full days. I was put into the hospital for exhaustion and dehydration after being awake that long. The steroids had an extreme effect on my body. Did it help me? Nope. It would have taken 2 more for me to feel better.

I am scheduled to have a nerve block in the facet joints.. I was told that it will take just

one, maybe 2 to achieve total relief if that's my problem. It looks to be just that according

to the MRI and Xrays... so putting that injection into the spine was an unlucky guess for me, it wouldn't get rid of the pain... wrong spot.

Trish, I would be absolutely certain that it's not the joints hurting.. and that it is

the spine. Some doctors just automatically go for the spine. Also there are hip

joints that sometimes are mistaken for back pain...or if it's in the neck area.. there

are facet joints there too..

I just threw that out there for you. I was told that the success rate for spinal injection

is about 60% by mayo clinic... (but what do they know? haha) and as you have more

injections later on for maintenance, they won't work very well but it can buy you

a good six months or so.


What you had was cortisone injections not nerve block. A nerve block is completely different. I had the facet joint nerve block, it doesn't go anywhere near your spine, just the nerves from the facet joints. The cortisone injections go into the gaps between the vertebrae and my god they hurt... Never, ever again! And they didn't work for me either. The nerve block was an absolute godsend for me and can't wait for the next one.


Jaynep========Thank you again for input! No I have been to every Doctor, test, meds, and they came out with pudental neuralgia. Here in the USA there is no real surgery or many Doctors who know much about it. That's why when I found this neurologist, he did.

He was the first to want to do nerve block. I want it, but after hearing so much negativity,

I was going to back out! But, like I said, I have no more options. The nerve is entrapped and it cannot be repaired here. If I can get something like a block that works and calms it down, they will continue to give it to me four times a year! I thank you for your positive response with yours, as it GAVE ME SOME COURAGE to move forward!!!!! Keeping you in my prayers, and say one for me!!!!!!



I'm with Jane P on this one, I had bilateral facet nerve blocks in the bottom of my spine and on July 1 and they've been a god send! They were only really mildly unpleasant/uncomfortable to have done (I'm sure it would be a similar experience for anal/rectal injections too as your surgeon should plenty of anesthetic first!) and they took a few days to fully work but I feel so much better!

Good luck, hope it makes a different for you! Xxx

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Mistee------Thank you also for your positive input, you will never know how much it is helping me to know the two of you had success!!! I appreciate your writing. I am going in on the 18th.

Hope I have the same good luck as you too! Will let you know how I make out. Its nice to know that people like you take the time to care!!!!! Hugs & Blessings! Good luck with your own problems! Will keep you in my prayers----say one for me!


Hi there trishj46, I've just read your post regarding your rectal anal pain from PN. Hope you don't mind me asking but how did this pain you have come about and as your post for this was 5months ago did the nerve block help.


I had spinal cord surgery, later developed PN, entrapped nerve in rectal area.

I had a nerve block on two different occasions . The first one gave me relief for four weeks. The second one four days! I am still looking for help! No more injections though. Just got over a five day flair up from PN. It throws me into bed and I pack myself in ice packs which helps to numb the nerve. This is ongoing now for four years! Hope this helps stenosis49.




Hi trish,

I too have just read this post. It sounds like your symptoms are very similar to mine.

I have burning stinging pain up my rectum, sitting is unbearable, standing around is painful, my coccyx feels bruised and bowel movements irritate things 10 x worse.

Do these symptoms sound like yours?

Can you tell me about the nerve block you had?

I too have been in pain for 4 years... But was diagnosed with chronic fissures for most of that time ( I believe wrongly diagnosed for most of that)

Thanks for any info........ And I'm so sorry to hear it has you bed ridden for weeks at a time... That's just awful for you.



Hi suzysheep! Yes I am unable to sit either without donut cushion and ice pack 24/7. I always feel like I have a foreign object in my butt! When I get a flair up pretty often, I have to lay in bed for days with ice and take tramadol.

I have burning and pain in anal rectal site along with constant fissures. I had surgery for a very large fissure. The burning radiates into my vaginal area! Its hard to walk, stand or sit or lay. The first nerve block was done under cat scan for precision, he said he got it right into the nerve. I had four weeks of relief and that was it. The second one only gave me four days!!

I have PN with an entrapped nerve in anal rectal site, I got after having spinal cord surgery! Always a problem with my bowels as I have neurogenic bowel and bladder. Hope this helps you! Life is hard!! Sending Hugs!



Thankyou trish,

Gosh, you sound just like me! I am waiting to be seen by a pelvic pain specialist. I have an appointment for July. Things have ramped up pain wise for me since having an advancement flap surgery for my fissure ( which the surgeon said was small, )but I was in agony from it ... Which leads me to believe it was a mixture of minor fissures and nerve damage.

I'm so glad you initially got 4 months relief..... Do you know why it didn't work so well the second time around??

Can you tell me what neurogenic bowel and bladder is please.... I've not heard of this before.

SS xx


A neurogenic bladder and bowel came from spinal surgery. It means I have to self-cath bladder, as it does not function. The neurogenic bowel also happened from surgery. The bowel is paralyzed and I have to manually dis-impact my bowels! I'm sorry if it sounds crude, but that's my life!!

Plus much more! Pray for me & I'll do the same for you!




Geez.... That sounds truly awful for you. You are such a strong person to be dealing with all this.

Has no one ever suggested a colostomy for you? It must be excruciating to have to manually evacuate with active fissures too.

Yes... My prayers will be with you.

SS xxx


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