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Spinal nerve blocks


I was after some advice if anyone out there is in a position to help.

Have been seen by spinal surgeon, and was given spinal nerve blocks for L5/S1 herniation told that this will solve everything treatment was by consultant who viewed case as urgent and did procedure within 2 weeks of consultation... it didn't.

Was reviewed by register three weeks later and found that the procedure had not worked at all and told I need surgery, was sent for an X-ray and on return was told that if nerve blocks hadn't worked , then surgery wouldn't work so will give you more nerve blocks.

Now can't get an appointment for nerve blocks despite worse now than was before which I am happy to try.The scheduling team report that I am not on a list, that no list is planned and that they will be in touch in due course

Have been off sick for 5 1/2 months and due to the pain relief I am on am not aloud to go to work so going onto half pay imminently and will then default on mortgage etc etc.

I don't know what to do, where to go have tried speaking to the surgeon, the scheduling team and get a resounding oh well well see you when we see you.

Any advice gratefully received.

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Try participating with them remember each time you call it's not always the same person. Look more into your options online I have similar issues with my back as well as other stuff and it's took me along time to get where I am today, are you under the pain clinic by any chance that may be a good place to go next ☺

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Possibly going through the PALS at the hospital to get a definitive answer??

Citizens Advice for advice on mortgage? GP to see what correspondence he/she's had from the surgeon? If the registrar definitely said you'd need surgery then they will have written to your GP (should have!!)

Do you see a physiotherapist? Or has already been said, a pain clinic?

I appreciate it's a lot of questions but sometimes you need to chase your tail to get some answers!




I'm so sorry to hear this. I know exactly what your going through regarding the pain you are in. I had the very same thing happen to me. I went to the doctor with sharp pains in my back. He examined me and told me it was sciatica. I tried everything from pain relief to physiotherapy. Eventually the pain got so bad I was bed bound for 3 months. I had surgery to fix the problem and it was called a discectomy. The disc had herniated and bulged and was crushing my nerve. The surgery was a success however I still get back pain but nothing like before. Plenty of exercise and pain management have helped in the recovery.

You need to keep on at the doctor and the consultant and tell them you can't handle the pain and need to be seen asap for surgery.

I hope you you get better soon.


Don't give up..... evidently the injection was not given in the right place... was it under x-ray? I fractured a disc in my back 10 years ago as a nurse working cardiac got shocked by my patient who had a implanted defibrillator device in his chest. The biggest mistake I made was I look back was trusting my doc know what the hell he was doing. Did you ever take the steroids by mouth because I do believe it's all about the inflammation at the injury site. I insisted the doc try a steroid when I have flares and believe me they are very painful because I noticed when I was given a steroid injection while having an asthma attack my back pain went completely away and I knew nothing about steroid per se at the time.


Hi I have these spine blocks every 6 months now if I'm lucky they do help with the pain but only for 6-8 weeks. I have radio frequency on the s1 this helps


Nerve blocks work for some people and not others. Surgery isn't a guarantee either though unfortunately. Get referred to the pain clinic, ask for a TENS trial, look into hydrotherapy, any Alexander Technique teachers in the area, aromatherapy massage. All worth a try and can help towards functional.


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