Why is it that pudental neuralgia was known back in 1985 where the doctors learned about it and treated it??  Why is it that no doctors from the USA went there to learn the technique and come home here to treat all of us suffering from it??  I have been told to my face by doctors that they never heard of it, or if they did, they wanted nothing to do with it because the nerve is too tricky or fear of liability or law suits. ( I meant to mention over in France 1985 )  Now this Doctor in Atlanta that has been having cures with freezing the nerve, the last few years!  Again no doctors running there to learn! about it ????  Why should they learn when the bottom line is money. Just think of how much they would lose if they had to give up their useless treatments, injections, drugs and everything else?  If they just freeze the nerve and we walk away cured?????  It always comes down to money---is that not true???? It makes me very angry!!  We are suffering and the health care system in USA does not give one damn.  If we are all truthful to ourselves, we have to admit, that something is very wrong with this picture !  God forgive them!! 


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  • Same here in the uk.  In London you'll just be offered nerve blocks.  Only place I believe that offers anything else, is to have de compression surgery in Bristol, with      Dr Greenslade and his team, and I was considering making an appointment to see him.

     I know there are many reasons for this happening, mine was through surgery.  We need awareness for surgeons, so they don't cause this damage.  It's so wrong when they cause this to happen but won't admit they've caused it.  It would be fantastic if a simple technique like freezing could cure this pain for so many of us.  As far as I'm aware it's only being offered in the USA.

    I do hope you find someone to help you.  

  • Dr Eric Bautrant  and his team who are based in Aix en Provence in France are experts in this field.  I know they successfully treat patients suffering from pudential nerve problems.  You can check out his website.  They cater for foreign patients.

  • Can't comment about the pudental neuralgia as I don't know enough about it (sounds awful though when I googled it).  But I think the principle is all too common with other conditions and illnesses too.  You are so right it always seems to come down to money.  Or rather the returns that the medical profession will get from any research versus the investment they will have to make.  I know the money has to come from somewhere but I really wish they would put more investment into cures rather than ongoing treatments.

    As Paulyne says it's much the same here in the UK with regard to many conditions - sadly money rules.

    I hope you can find the care you need and deserve.

    Take care and gentle hugs, Margaret.xx

  • Thank you for your input all of you.  I cannot leave the house to get to a store, so there is no way I can get to France.  That's  exactly what I am saying about doctors here in USA not going over to France and learn  the tecniques  and come home to treat those of us suffering here.  My lord it has been on going in france since 1985 --------and no doctors have shown any interest in doing that learning and treating.  It is really a disgrace that no one has come up to the plate.  I would bet that in med school this day and age they are still not being trained to treat this major problem causing soi many to suffer needlessly.  Hugs!!!


  • Why don't you contact Dr. Bautrant.  He speaks fluent English and visits America for conferences etc.  Perhaps he can recommend someone whom he has trained.

    Which state are you in?

  • I live in PA.  USA.     How would I get in touch with him ?

    Thank you!      Blessings!!!


  • Look him up on the Internet. There are several websites with his name address and phone number and there is a website which gives the names of doctors in many countries including America where his procedures are followed. There is a u tube video of him lecturing in the U.S.on the subject of pudential nerve surgery.  He would be able to advise you on where you might get treated in your country.

  • Thanks very much Suzyhayes !

    Praying for everyone on this site who feels the same pain !


  • Nerve blocks are known to last only for short periods of time in many cases.

    Hope this helps answer your puzzlement.

  • Evidently you did not read MY POST.  I did not ask how long nerve blocks last.  I am talking about the shortage of Doctors to be able to do surgery and care for  patients with excruciating pain & burning that comes from pudental neuralgia.  The doctors in USA that never bother to learn the technique  of treating this illness.  My puzzlement does not come from how long nerve blocks last, but why others in health care do not come up to the plate and learn what they need to learn from those in France who have been doing it since 1985 !  You might want to re-read my post !


  • I did answer your post.  Doctors want cure.  If nerve blocks do not cure and there is plenty of data from real life on this as well as trial data, then doctors are not going to put in time and effort in learning a procedure.

    There is also the problem that the nerve block may cause side effects.  There is the problem that you can end up in worse pain when the nerve block has worn off or the nerve has grown a new set of nerves.

    You want to nerve block a very important nerve.  This nerve has a function other than causing you grief.

    The pudendal nerve is the main nerve of the perineum.  It carries sensation from the external genitalia of both sexes and the skin around the anus and perineum, as well the motor supply to various pelvic muscles, including the male or female external urethral sphincter and the external anal sphincter. If damaged, most commonly by childbirth, lesions may cause sensory loss or fecal incontinence. The nerve may also be temporarily blocked as part of an anaesthetic procedure.

    Accidents happen in surgery.  A hospital is looking at major damages for fecal incontinence if that occurs.

    Hope this gives a better and more informing answer.

  • I already know everything you are telling me !  I am a nurse too. It might just not come down to a nerve or surgery, but still they need to educate themselves to at least learn to find a way to give relief, some freedom from pain. This has been given to people in france  by doctors who have been taught to handle all aspects of treatment to these nerves.  No, everything is NOT GOING TO BE A CURE----but there are areas to learn about these nerves and subdue or settle down pain.  Even that is not done by doctors in health care in USA.   For there are many people who find these educated treatments to at least give relief---not just walk away from the whole situation, because they do not want to deal with tricky nerves and fear of law suits !


  • You are right.  Pudental nerve surgery is practiced here in France routinely.

    Do check out the website of dr. Eric Bautrant.  I do believe he has taught this procedure to doctors in the U.S.

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