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gabapentin and weight control


Just thought to post an observation here about gaba and weight. Started on it over 4 years ago and , if not a miracle, it certainly helped a great deal with various nerve pains from spinal problems. However, I had been losing weight until then and despite being very diet conscious, it took a lot of effort just to maintain level. There must be doctors out there who don't automatically assume that the patient is Wrong when they make certain observations ! I had noticed that when bad and taking max gaba, e.g I would get really ravenous even though i really didn't feel i wanted to eat - just trying not to move and stay out of pain.

January, it became apparent i would need a fairly big operation so gave up as much gaba as possible and maxed out on all other pain relief, and on virtually the same diet, lost 30 Kgs in six months !

Yes, I know Pregabalin is supposed to be a little less contentious, but hey, why not stay with what works. Now, same diet but half levels gaba....and guess what , weight loss slowed to trickle. I dont know why or how this happens for me.

So, take courage, it may be that the odds are stacked against you, but give it a try anyway.

If you find a doctor who doesn't just quote the perceived Norm at you, then stick with them ! :)


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Well i know gaba makes you gain weight as my daughter has put on over 2 stone in 12 months as she has fibromyalgia.

My dr prescribed me with gaba two weeks ago, I have-2.5t osteopenia in my hip and two prolapsed discs middle to lower back. Can't do physio due causing me more pain ,

As yet I have not had any gabapentin as I do not like what it does to you, yes may help with the pain but it's not actually getting going to help long term, I just don't want any more meds , I already have liver problems and I get tired but also get insomnia, the last thing i want is to be comatosed , I struggle as it is

My next suggestion is pain clinic to my Gp when I next see him. Thank you for your post .

Heorte in reply to Millie09

I would never go against gaba for nerve pain, for me it was a minor miracle But moderate your diet quite firmly - suggest carb free helped me. Good luck, we are all in the lap of the gods where pain is concerned.

Hello Heorte. I am on 2700mgs of gaba. Had a disc prolapse about 3 yrs ago. Damaged nerves somewhere and now suffer extreme sciatica down from my hip to my toes. Been on gaba for about 2 yrs. Its the only med that eases the pain enough for me to get about. Tried physio but just made it worse. I too just want to eat all the time. Think I've put on about 2 stones since been on gaba. Your post made me think about it. I am trying to lose weight but never seems to come off. I have now found that cycling, I have an exercise bike, is good for me so I am now trying to do 5 miles a day on it. However I also find that gaba has made me very forgetful so sometimes I just forget to cycle even forget to take the gaba occasionally!

So thank you for posting. I think I might see if I can change to another med for my pain. Difficult though as have tried a lot.

Heorte in reply to cj75s2017

have you tried juggling the dosage for yourself? I too have sciatic pain , can be both sides at once (killer! ) I used to find gentle swimming helped my stretching (although i have to admit that is no longer viable option for me )

might I tentatively suggest you keep a notepad / diary and record what makes it worse or flare? I suggest this because I get some lesser o.a effects in summer (in spine) which means I start trying to do more and nerve pain explodes. I find a maintenance dose and top up as and when - not ideal but makes me more aware of what the aggravating factors are. Keep going, you'll get there eventually.

cj75s2017 in reply to Heorte

Hi, yes I have found I have good days and bad days. Never thought about keeping a diary but I will from now, thank you for that. I do tend to do too much in the good days and, as you say, I suffer after it. I do top up the dosage to 3000mgs sometimes especially when I know I will have to do something extra in a few days. I also top up with naproxin when I do extra but, I find I can't drive with this, however my wife can. Also, not really medical, but a good dram of whisky helps on a bad day especially before bed. I find I wake up in pain when I turn over in my sleep but with a dram I hardly move 🙂.

Just one thing though, what do you mean by o. a?

Pregabalin is just as bad i have gone from dress size 6 to a 14 in 3yrs even more frustrating is i eat well I've been trying to lose weight for months now and have been unsuccessful come to the conclusion that i need to stop taking the pregabalin but honestly I'm terrified i don't want to be in even more pain

Heorte in reply to Milton2328

when i reduced/gave up gaba it was an absolute nightmare, especially as i'm becoming tolerant to tramadol. However, sometimes it is possible to establish your own drug needs and i would say, don't be afraid to reduce down and vary according to your needs. Once you get to needing gaba, it almost goes without saying that you will be experiencing a high degree of pain and life disruption. But you know your limits and your body needs.

I hate hearing about other people's diets and all the fashionable foods, tablets , recommendations =Boring. But, as a fairly immobile person I have lost well on a low (no) carb diet, and that is only my facts not a bossy suggestion. Hope that makes you smile, and good luck. Gaba is good But we have to take control of it.

I take 300mg pregabalin twice a day for nerve pain for 5yrs now and I gained weight almost immediately , looked 9months pregnant.if I am late taking a dose I begin to feel the pain that obviously is masked by this and amitriptyline.

I have been on Neurontin for many years the pamphlet that was given to me from the pharmacy clearly says weight gain up to 30 lb like no other I've always said they should give Neurontin to anorexic people that would help them gain weight I didn't need to gain weight I don't like it I can't stand it to be frank but it helps with my nerve pain and the burning I have non-diabetics neuropathy idiopathic it simply memes they don't know where it came from my mother had it my grandfather had it it's terrible it is a nightmare God bless

I hadn't really thought much about being on gaba for many years....I'm still trying to persuade myself that I WILL overcome all these things and become un-disabled Ha Ha Ha

Saw gen surgeon (follow up appt) during week and from being a sceptic last xmas, she has had a collegue who affirmed the crap that gaba causes = one medical person converted. But I'm still glad to use gaba regardless, just with more care and lifestyle changes

good luck to you.


I put on more weight every time my pregabalin dose was upped, and at the full dose (500mg for me) thought I'd never lose it.

But I went on a low carb diet in May after being diagnosed as diabetic, and I've lost 25lbs so far even though I can't exercise. Losing weight while spending a lot of time in bed seems like a miracle.

It's not very low carb, I have up to 90g of carbs a day, but it works for me. And my blood sugar was back into the normal range within two weeks.

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