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Having found a herbal remedy that really takes the edge of my neuropathic pain I am very disappointed to learn that it has now been banned under new legal high legislation.

The suppliers website has disappeared so it is no longer available.

Having stopped all the drugs I have been prescribed by doctors which have done me harm damaging my liver I have been relying on the occasional use of krantom which has no apparent side effects.

Of course the pharmaceutical companies don't like us using natural remedies since making money is their raison d'etre and we are powerless to do anything about it.

Does anyone else use krantom and have they any information about the ban which was due to happen on 6th April.

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Hi suzyhayes  I have just had a look at Krantom on website and it does appear to have similar side effects to canabis  and withdrawal is similar to opiates that is probably why it has been banned in this country, You must have been one of the lucky ones not to have any side effects, good luck with trying to find something else that will work as well for you, it's really difficult to get the right balance.

Take care sending hugs Sheryl


You can't believe everything you read on the internet Sheryl.h

There are websites which might condemn Krantom but many people in many countries have been using it responsibly and without bad effects for years.  

I find it beneficial and unlike most of the drugs people are taking for pain on this website it doesn't seem to have any adverse effects.

Coffee is also considered a legal high which could also be banned.


Hi suzyhayes I don't condemn anyone who has found help with their pain, it really drags you down, I accept that there are many opinions about different ways of dealing with pain and if Krantom suited you then that was a really good outcome for you, I wasn't having a go in any shape or form, if it works you hang on to it for dear life, It was just a suggestion as to why it has been banned, I take it if you can't get it anymore the previous users will have to look for a replacement.

I hope I didn't offend you and wish you well take care

Sending hugs Sheryl


No, of course you didn't offend me Sheryl.  Many people are apprehensive about using alternative remedies but honestly I believe krantom is a good pain killer without all the side effects of conventional medicine.  I've been in touch now with the suppliers in the U.K. and apparently it hasn't yet been banned so I may still be able to access it in the future.

All the best to you and thanks for your concern. Gros bisous


I was just about to suggest that :)

But have you considered cannabinoids.  You might find the same relief from CBC and they are being legalised on your side of the pond.


I guess you are really lucky having no noticeable side effects from it (so far).   Just remember though that it can have some really bad effects, and has been responsible for sending people to emergency because of their reaction to it.   One of the biggest issues with non-prescribed use of meds is that you never know how much you are getting - one batch could be way stronger than the last one as there is absolutely no regulation in manufacture or dosing.  That's probably the most dangerous aspect of using so-called "herbal" remedies.   "Natural" definitely doesn't mean  "safe".


I would be interested to know from where you got your evidence regarding people experiencing bad effects from krantom and sending them to emergency because of bad reactions.

It is not also true that prescribed drugs also have bad effects and terrible withdrawal symptoms for many people?

Paracetamol and tramadol were damaging my liver but fortunately since I stopped taking these prescribed drugs it has recovered.  No damage from occasional use of krantom my recent blood tests show.

I read time and time again on this website about the bad effects from the drugs people are prescribed.

Personally I don't have much confidence in the efficacy of the pharmaceutical companies.

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Hi i lookrd on line and found 


Hi i looked online are advertising it to buy not sure were you are as you may not get it through customs. 


Thanks.  I have a good supply for the moment and there was no problem having it sent to France previously.

It now looks as though krantom has not been banned from u.k. sellers as was feared.  I don't know what the other products are which were to be included in the legal high category except coffee was one and it is not too likely coffee will be banned.



Hello again,  you have left me feeling perplexed after your claim that krantom is potentially very dangerous.  I assume you must have personal knowledge to make this assertion  and I asked you to send me the evidence.  Can you take the time to do this please or is your claim simply heresay perhaps something you have read on the Internet?

Hope to hear from you again soon.  Suzy


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