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Middle of January this year, I started to get severe stomoch pain to the right of my stomoch. It was more at the top right hand side but did spread right down to the bottom and over towards the middle of my tummy. I was also having very loose stool, and more frequent than normally (I have IBS but I was never going as much as I was then) I went to a doctor then and they told me I may possibly had gallstones, so she transfered me for an ultrasound and blood tests on my liver. I also got given cocodomal for the pain, aswell as buscopan and a medicine to stop me feeling sick which I've forgotten what it was called as I got changed to Omezrapole. The results of these was that I had a slightly fatty liver, aswell as my bloud count being slightly high. My ultrasound also showed I didn't have a right kidney ( but I was told it has a tendency to hide but the chances were pretty high I was missing this). After seeing a doctor again, I got told that she thought I must have passed the gallstones myself, hence why my ultrasound was clear despite the fatty liver. I had began dieting before Christmas and going to the gym heavily until February as my stomoch pain got so much worse and I haven't been since, due to being so unmotivated as this has made me so run down. I had to miss college for 4 weeks as there was days I couldn't even sit up without crying, I wasn't eating either. I seen a doctor again to get blood tests to check my left kidney, and to test me for celiac and HB pylorI...again being clear.

I am at the stage now where it's frustrating me so much as I haven't got given a straight answer. I'm 17,( I havent began my periods yet which is another blood test that showed concern but I dont think its related to this at all) it has concerned me for too long now, as it's affected my college studies. It isn't always food related. Im almost positive that it won't be my IBS as it is a totally different area and type of pain, plus Ive had IBS since I was 12 so I've become aware of the pain I can have with it and my stomoch pain just now is very different. This is very much like somebody is pushing me all the time from inside with 10 needles and is very sharp pain, but at times it has felt dull. All my symptoms are still the same as they were in January with my loose stools, the pain and feeling and sometimes being sick with food or mucus. 

I am currently waiting for a letter to come in the post with an appointment to go see gastroenterology at the hospital, but I have gotten very impatient and I'm not sure where and what is the best thing for me to so at this time being. I'd come across this website when looking up for different IBS diets and seemed to be helpful to answering questions. Thanks!

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The best thing is for you to see Gastroenterology.  Its a bit frustrating that you can't get an appointment immediately, but it will be worth the wait if it means you getting properly checked out by a gastroenterologist.   One thing they might be looking at is whether you actually have inflammatory bowel disease (IBP) rather than irritable bowel disease.  If it is one of the kinds of IBP, then there will be good treatment for it.  You may have to have some investigations that are a bit more invasive (like endoscopies or colonoscopies), but just make sure you ask for sedation with these if you have to have them and that will make it much easier.

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Hi Cmiller17

I am so sorry you are experiencing all this.  I think you are on the right track by tesearching IBS diets; FODMAP is a great one. It does sound like you gallbladder is envolved to a degree. What color is stool. I know this is a very personal Q, so please except my appologies for any intrusion. Sticking to low, clean fats should help well.

Keep us posted as to how you are doing.

Best wishes 



An update - since posting this...I do feel it has calmed down a lot but only within the past 2 weeks I've noticed some of the familiar pains that came with it before! Then again, I have been caught up with college work and other stuff in my life, which this was the last thing concerning me. Again, super uncomfortable when it does. I haven't yet heard from gastroenterology, but I have an MRI scan which I got a phone call about today which will be in the next 4 weeks, which I am assuming will be from this, but can't be sure as not had an appointment yet. I'm currently visiting endocrinology for possible Turner Syndrome or Kellmans disease, both yet to be confirmed as blood tests results aren't given to me til September and then I was referred to a gynecologist for further on possibly having Turner Syndrome. So I don't really think the MRI will be for these either...but I guess I will find out as it'll hopefully give the answer to something. It's just as frustrating as it always has been and Its nothing lie I had before, even when my IBS was at a peak. It's just a waiting game I don't need to have but I hope it'll be worth it.


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