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Pregabalin and amitriptyline

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Is it alright to take amitriptyline the same time as pregabalin I need to take 75 mg of pregabalin and 10 mg of amitriptyline and need to take them at night if you can’t takes them together how much time do you have to leave between them please

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Using amitriptyline together with pregabalin may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating.

Some people, especially the elderly, may also experience impairment in thinking, judgment, and motor coordination. You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with these medications. Also avoid activities requiring mental alertness such as driving or operating hazardous machinery until you know how the medications affect you.

Talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.


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Kingsley09 in reply to Bananas5

I am aware of that but as I cannot up the dosage of amitriptyline because of my afib and because pregabalin 75 mg is the most I can tolerate as higher makes my muscles ache badly I’ve resorted to trying this combination of 10 mg amitriptyline and 75 mg pregabalin just starting tonight but it may not work my dr would have rather that I could have put up my amitriptyline but thank you for your input

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Bananas5 in reply to Kingsley09

Up to 20mg is recommended to help with pain. The higher dose is for anti depressant. So you are actually on a good 'maintenance' dose

You should be fine on that strength. May help you sleep too!


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Kingsley09 in reply to Bananas5


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Kingsley09 in reply to Bananas5

I’ve decided to just try keeping on the 20 mg of amitriptyline and hope it doesn’t mess with my afib I know there are a few people that have been fine and I’m also wondering if it’s the people that are on a much higher dosage for maybe depression that are at more risk taking it with there afib as it definitely on 20 mg is the best at the moment for me and don’t feel when I’m on 20 mg amitriptyline that I need the pregabalin also I don’t want to keep taking a mixture of drugs

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Dotpot in reply to Bananas5

Yeah that’s fine

I'm taking 250mg of pregabalin and 20mg of amitriptaline at the same time at night, it does not give me any side affects. You should be fine. Just try it for a few days and if it's not working for you go and chat with your gp again.

Hope you don’t mind me asking but are these used for chronic pain? I am using 2100mg daily of Gabapentin and Buprenorphine patches. The spinal unit had started me on Amitryptilline 10mg at teatime but GP stopped it when she increased Gaba but I didn’t have time to see if it benefitted. When my spinal pain first started along with Tramafol, Paracetamol, Diclofenac I was hit up to 75mg Amitryptilline at night but was so drowsy in morning was lying in bed until lunchtime. I just want to find the best balance😢😢

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Bananas5 in reply to Lucky2018

With such a high dose of Gabapentin there isn't any need for Amitriptyline as well.


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Lucky2018 in reply to Bananas5

Thank you, just want a miracle and my pain free life back but losing hope of that now x

Ridiclious answer bananas amitriptyline isn’t a pain reliever. It’s a stimulator. If you don’t understand a drug don’t advise someone on one.

I’m sorry but it does relieve pain and I have known lots of people that have used it at low dosage for pain relief successfully and I worked within the nhs for 20 yrs and saw the benifits people got so actually bananas is right

Amitriptyline is a stimulator? Interesting comment. You could add your comment without being personally abusive.

What do you base your remarks on?

Depending whether you take a higher dose...over 75mg approx or around 10mg they have totally different actions on the body


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MrsXo in reply to shopgirl2007

if you are still experiencing pain with 10mg your doctor can put it up too 50mg for pain antidepressants dose is between 100-175mg.

Which I was put on amitripyline for pain and it was the best thing ever. And I know because 1 I’ve been on them for 3years plus and I stopped taking them too see if they were working and I was in soooo much pain plus couldn’t walk.

As soon as I took my amitripyline all my pain went so what works for one doesn’t work for all.

So if you don’t know then don’t reply rubbish. Because your misinformed self, can make some one not take their meds.

Could be fine for some, I started taking amitriptyline at the same time as I was lowering my co-codamol levels.

I was on 2x75mg pregablin and 10mg amitriptyline was prescribed to help me get to sleep at night.

Have since stopped co-codamol and down to 2x50mg pregablin.

Only thing now is I'm back to having pain for no reason in my fingers and wrists, my shoulder, legs and hips.

And don't get me started on the weight gain lol

Your dr should put amitriptyline upthat was too low a dose. It’s supposed be increased every 3 weeks 4 at outside. It’s a pain stimulator. Your backwards patch is down to your dr failing you by not continuing to put it up. Please ask see another dr or ask be moved to another dr by making complaint to practice manager if you don’t get any joy from your own dr this time or feel you’ve already had enough. I wasted 2 yrs on a crap dr I asked be changed from straight away when my dr retired. I was refused as so many patients had already refused be under her and had swapped. When she nearly killed me the 3rd occasion I went to CQC not just the practice manager as my dr hadn’t come out on home visit for 3 weeks to what was an emergency and left me with serious problems that have left serious damage life long. She was soon changed by cqc plus duty dr who came out asked if I would be willing to have him as my dr. Never looked back. Now I refuse to deal with her even as duty dr on day as she phoned when on way home saying ring 101. She should been gone long ago. Maybe I should sue then she’ll go back Scotland lol

They can’t put it up with a lot of people with heart problems mine one of them I have afib as it can effect your heart

I've been on pregabelin and amitriptyline for years. I take them both together and have had no side effects. If you're asking about dosage speak to your doctor, if it's incompatibility or time of dose, your pharmacist will be able to help you. Good luck!

Exactly what I was saying. Annoying when bananas talks out arse. If they don’t know about drugs why contribute to saying something that can seriously affect someone’s view or life. Whilst explaining what amitriptyline do and the nature of their existence used in2 totally separate forms I also said you should speak to your dr and pharmacist like I advised another even stating go to a different dr via practice manager if unhappy. Don’t take no. I also advised that the pharmacist could assist on all drugs in question and also pharmacist trains 7 yrs not 4 yrs like dr.

I hate to say this to you but it seems that you are the one and not bananas that does not know enough about some of these drugs as definitely amitriptyline is used at a low dose for pain relief it also works slightly as a muscle relaxer you may not live in uk as I do and maybe in other countries they use it in other ways but in uk that is how it’s used in nhs I worked for nhs long enough to know it is upped for depression etc hope this will clarify thing for you

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MrsXo in reply to Kingsley09

Exactly that’s why I’m on them to relax my muscles in my face and to relieve pain in my foot shopgirl2007 seems like the confused 🤷🏾‍♀️ one

I would go and speak to your pharmacist. They're experts on this and can advise you.

Hi I take 300mg pregabalin twice a day and 75mg amitriptyline at night chronic pain sufferer, helps with the nerve pain caused by prolapse surgery back in 2012

You got spinal stenosis. You got stenosis as your name. I have spinal stenosis as well as 3 other diseases of spineplus sciatic nerves both side and I’m inoperable with infection in spine that can’t be treated due to allergic to allantiobuotics

stenosis is just a name sorry if I confused this with spinal stenosis

Hi, Amitriptyline is accumulative so perhaps you won't feel the benefit immediately...I had to leave off this medication after 4/5 weeks as, together with the Pregabalin and Co-Codamol i couldn't wake up easily and go to work...I did feel the benefit plus, i wasn't waking up to go to the loo in middle of night which on the med sheet this drug was to aid with symptoms of bedwetting..

Hope this works for you.


Hi there, I read your post with interest as I was put on a high dose Amitriptyline and Pregabalin for Chronic Back Pain plus 2 other medications, the mixture of which had very bad side effects including severe depression and suicidal thoughts that came on very quickly after being put on these drugs so I would say be wary if your put on a high dosages and you start feeling any depressed or suicidal feelings or thoughts please seek help immediately, unfortunately mine led to a suicide attempt just after getting back from a holiday of a lifetime so I’d had a great holiday apart from crying for no reason on a few occasions when I was alone and not understanding why, but I’d just been put on the medication a week or so before my holiday and it was an amazing time it was when I got home it went from crying to having suicidal thoughts then an overdose and I still can’t explain why apart from the medication side effects so please take care x

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shopgirl2007 in reply to Hangel

Hi what you fail to mention is why your on the drugs. You say you went on an amazing holiday of a lifetime then returned home I guess to a dreary life of normality which would brought you crashing down to earth. I say this as I used to say going to the sea during day or during the night at 12-4 am was my therapy waves crashing paddling in it. Rough sees it didn’t matter. I was a million miles away from my home and problems as it didn’t matter if it was 100 miles or million miles as every time I was there my problems in my mind went out to sea with every wave. Yet I never wanted return home. I’d do anything to delay my husband making us come back even tho he had work, whether minutes or hours I wanted stay and when I returned back home it was the same heavy depressing suicidal crap and housebound crap on my own as we didn’t live together and I couldn’t mobilise or dress myself. So my dr called the seaside my therapy. The last time I went was winter start of 2010 as my sister I nursed till she died early March and my other sister died June then my dad I nursed Aug to sept 4 weeks then moved into my disabled bungalow week after dad died and my husband died sudden death 9 weeks later all same yr. I been stuck inside this prison (bungalow)in hospital bed since. No family alive and only dr visits. Amitriptyline don’t make you suicidal. I should know that with absolute utter complete conficdebce having attempted my life in ways some people I hope will never do and been in comas and had my last rights read and spent a years in hospital in rehab misdiagnosed 33 yrs until finally last yr and 50 physchiatrists later a team of psychiatrists finally concluded post natal depression mismanaged not diagnosed plus 6 immediate family bereavements which I nursed my mum auntie grand mother & son all at home on my own at 18 yrs old in 10 months were also not taken into consideration and no counselling given. I just wanted to die with them. Amitriptyline you say you been on in high dose. What you calling high dose. What’s the other drugs your on. I didn’t get on with pregabolin and oentogabin and found myself crying constantly and very depressed on hem. I told my dr I would take my life if I stayed on them and he didn’t hesitate knowing my previous histories of being resuscitated many times and in icu 8 x so he took me off them. Seroxat were a drug very controversial banned in USA for doing same. USA are quicker to ban drugs than us who pump them out for many yrs knowing they cause damage whether that be not compatible with everyone’s dna or brain and make some more than others suicidal and the rate much higher than normal with some drugs or whether it’s another drug for something completely diffferent but yet still not banned by Uk. Always check your drugs with American sites. So much better info as they far more ahead of us. Same with diagnosis of any kind which is why you see on tv people challenging hospitals in high court to go to USA for treatment. It’s just advice. I don’t think for minute amitriptyline had anything do with your suicide attempt. In fact I know it hasn’t. What I do know from what you said and from what I been through myself is the other drug does cause depression but you have also other factors that you sent on an amazing holiday then came back and straight away you felt suicidal within weekattwnprwd your life. To me the trip what the biggest clue is key to what you wrote next about the holiday and then suicide attempt. I just don’t think you want to admit to yourself or want to think about those thoughts as there’s something there that’s too painful or buried deep. Not saying the other drug didn’t help but the timing of the amazing trip then back home to reality with a thump was enough to tip you over edge not the drugs

Hi Kingsley ignore bananas. People talk shit and it irritates me. I was on 360 mg amitriptyline for depression daily at 18 with many other drugs approx 20 and a zombie in hospital trying kill myself as I’d nursed 5 very close family in 10 months my mum son autntie grandmother being just some. Neurologist believe strongly in amitriptyline stimulating pain relief for well over 30 yrs and many studies have proved this. I’m currently on 80 mg dose with fentanyl 75 mg 72 hr patch diazepam 5 mg x up to 5 daily plus oramorph liquid morphine when required but hardly use unless in withdrawal from patch. Also on longtech with is ixycodeine but cheap brand but same ingredient 10 mg 12 hr release as there’s 4 hr and 12 hr which I not stated. Plus I’m on dixepam in dosset plus another 54 tablets plus also out of dosset. I’m on lot less than I was as I’ve come off lot of oxycodeie last yr so take less now and I’ve come off clonaepam and nitrazepam which latter are sleeping tablets. Your on too much. Pregabolin pntogabolin and similar are crap in my estimation but others find they help. The dose of amitrityline is not enough for your meds to work. The idea is the amitriptyline stimulates the pain receptors in your brain which tells the nerves and you that the pain has eased. With my severe disabilities with my back inoperable and getting worse and have been for 25 hrs plus that I also been making my spine get longer which has all sorts of disease danage and degenerative issues I can tell you quite safely after 41 yrs of amitriptyline that the dose is too low and should be taken with the pregabolin around 8 pm and any longtech should be taken when going to bed as you may be able to reduce to long tech like I’ve done if you get the dose higher on the amitriptyline which will not only help with pain but also help with sleep. Since both my parents were fully qualified nurse general then pyschiatric and my father a psychiatrist I know very well what I’m talking about plus rest of my family have been all medical which hasn’t helped with our gene cancers as they couldn’t hide or fool us with anything. Please be advised that it’s best to discuss this with your go or consultant who put you on these as I started at 30 not 10. Most start on 30mg and go up quite quickly to 50 then 80 then up more. I don’t want to go up more and dropped down lately to 50 because my migraines that are daily I’m on epileptic drugs for last 9 months have got worse since major surgery end of Feb. I really hope you’ll take my advice and speak to your dr. Also your pharmacist who dispenses them is more qualified than your dr and you can phone him or her and have a lengthy chat about all your medications. I had a great relationship with my pharmacist who unfortunately his mother is very ill and he’s just left us go back Italy on good Friday giving up his job to care for her after I had long chats with him about his mum as he was torn and we had scone good friends despite never meeting. He’s stayed in Touch with me. Pharmacist train 7 yrs. Drs 4 yrs.

Hi I know you say ignore bananas but in fact I worked on a ward before I retired and the lower dose upto 30 mg was the dose for pain relief and high was given for depression etc that’s why i spoke to the cardiologist about upping it from 10 mg to 20 mg and at the moment has been of great help with my pain relief just hoping that I will stay that way and also that it doesn’t aggravate my heart but thanks for your reply

I take 50mg pregablin 8am and 50mg 8pm with 10mg amitriptyline at 5:30pm - also used for migraine. Checked with the pharmacist and she said the combo was fine.

Suffer severe atypical odontalgia and atypical facial pain and this has relieved me from a pretty hellish life. The ami knocks me out by 9:30pm tho!

Good luck with your dosage. A

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