Amitriptyline and Nerve Pain

I am on 200 mg of amitriptyline per day as treatment for depression. Prior to taking this I had been struggling with face pains and was diagnosed with nerve damage. So a happy plus side with this medication is that the face pains have essentially stopped.

Recently I have been suffering with intense pains from my left hip and all the way down my leg. The doctor has diagnosed it an problem with my sciatic nerve.

Should amitriptyline work on this type of pain? If so is it potentially cover up what may be a bigger problem than it seems?

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  • I found yoga, particularly pigeon pose and double pigeon pose, heels over both knees seated leaning fwd my best friend for sciatica and th pain down the leg. There may also be tension in an IT band along the hip that if releases might solve the problem. CCheckChecCheCh

  • Many years ago, I was prescribed Nortriptyline for depression. Eventually, I was prescribed a different drug. Then, two years ago when I began suffering terribly from severe pain associated with "burning tongue syndrome" (Google for description & photos) I was given 10mg Nortriptyline for pain. Now, I've been experiencing severe facial nerve pain from TMJ left & right, so the dose has increased to 20 mg. with the plan to continue increasing by 10 mg. until pain is manageable.

  • It might help a very little bit with sciatic pain, but you really need to find a way to stop the pinching of that sciatic nerve - and the best thing is appropriate exercises. Google "exercises for sciatica" - there are some really simple ones that really do help relieve it.

  • I take 100 mg a day and Zomorph for spinal nerve pain. It has gradually increased. The reason they gave it wasn't for pain it's to help me sleep at night as Zomorph is for pain. So seems strange. But I think you should look to find out what can be done for your sciatica. I actually found sleeping on the floor helped remove it as I used to have slipped discs. Just a thought for you

  • I had to start taking Gabapinton along with the Amatriptaline... may be what you need but it also sounds like you need to see a chiropractor, both options have helped me greatly! I know that kind of back pain and it isn't any fun! Hope you get to feeling better. The Gabapinton blocks nerve pain but we must not forget to get the full treatment, that's why I suggested the Chiropractor. All the best

  • After seeing the Chiropractor you will feel more like moving around and stretching. I wouldn't suggest any stretch (which at this point may be almost impossible for you) until you get pressure of the spinal cord nerves and discs.

  • If you are on 200mg iam very very surprised you were able too type that see a doctor

  • Hello Flander I have been on Amitriptaline for about 6 or 7 years along with 1600 mg of Gabapentine for about 14 years. My doses have gradually increased over the years. They both work very well when they are taken togeather. I found when I first went on Gabapentin it made me very sleepy so now I take it all just before bedtime. If I did not have both of these I would go crazy with nerve pain at night. Hope you find some relief very soon.


  • Have you had your vitamin B12 checked? Deficiency can cause nerve pain - classically face nerve pain. This website has good info

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