hi, I am taking amitriptyline 50mg at night for nerve pain. can this medication put weight on you. I also take trazodone 150mg to help me sleep. x

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  • Hi Dillydally

    I put on weight with amitriptyline but if it helps with nerve pain what the heck. Xx

  • yes your right. x

  • thank you. I am not as mobile has I used to be, that doesn't help x

  • Yes, it did in my case I put on 5lb in a week as soon as I changed to the alternative nortrypyiline I lost the weight also I don't get the sleepynes like amitryptililne. In the beginning I did feel lethargic in the morning but it's wearing off. Hope this helps you katie xx

  • did the alternative still help your pain x

  • Yes with the shooting pain but not the localised pain you can go up to 50mg of nortrypyiline for pain xx

  • Hi dillydally1 u are lucky I'm on 200mgs and I have not put on any weight on at all

  • hope it helps you. I wish I could loose some weight. maybe it is some of my other medication x

  • I am also on it and have found I have gained no weight I wish I could, I was given it to help me sleep as I suffer with chronic nerve pain.

  • hi, thanks for your reply. hope it is helping you sleep and eases your pain x

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