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I am going back to the doctor tonight because he put me on Amitriptyline a week ago and the only time that i can take it is at night time because it makes me sleepy. I am supossed to take it twice a day but I can not do that because i will fall asleep at work. I was wondering what i should talk with the doctor about to try me on that wont make me tired as this is for anxiety.

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I have been on this medication for quite a long time. I was told to take this medication at night, If you take then for pain control and take them before bed you should feel more awake, during the day Generally it may take about 4 weeks to really work so give it time. I take them thirty mins before bed


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I'm not sure why you were told to take it twice a day, as I thought it was generally taken at night time. Definitely talk to your doctor about it, and ask if you can just take it at night.

Its worth remembering though, that even though it can make you sleepy at first, you do get used to it fairly quickly, so after a couple of weeks you will probably be feeling fine on it.


I have trouble with this drug due to working shifts. I can't take it the night before I'm on a day shift because it makes me sleepy the next day. I can't take it when I'm on a night shift because I'd be asleep in no time. I only take it on my days off to ensure I get a pain free nights sleep.


I take 75mg a night for nerve pain and have done so now for about a year and a half. This is the max amount to be taken for nerve pain you need to take it in the evening before 8.30 so I was told. What amount has your doctor prescribed you?



Have you tried taking your dose before 7pm? I've been on this twice and was never told to take it twice a day. I would question this with your GP or Pharmacist.

Your GP will know best what to prescribe you with. I was always under the impression that Amitryptyline was for sleep and pain and is primarily an antidepressant at a certain dosage.


Lu xx


When I started to take it and spoke to my own GP and pain clinic specialist I now take it around 7.30 in a dosage of between 20 and 30 mg as I need to be awake and alert at 5.30 ready for work as a teacher. There can be issues the following day just be sensible and realise that this is a powerful medication that requires care and respect. Hope things work out and in time it will get easier!

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I am confused here. What did you tell the doctor before the medication was prescribed? It is well known in various circles that doctors prescribe anti-depressants when they should not.

I will try and be helpful if you have any questions.

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I told him that i have anxiety attacks during the day and cant sleep at night.


Run internet research. Seems that the GP is prescribing according to what you told him.

Cannot see how drugs can deal with the problem other than attempt to cover it up and leave you addicted to the drug.

Anxiety can be a reasonable response to lifestyle and you can change the anxiety by developing the skills to handle the anxiety.

You would have difficulty sleeping if you were anxious about unresolved issues.

The religious traditions have been dealing with this problem for thousands of years.

Meditation and mindfulness has been away to develop the skills to deal with this problem.

Martial Art exercises has been found to deal with this sort of problem.

Yoga can help with this type of problem.

The GP will deny it, but antidepressants can be addictive.

Hope this helps


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