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Gallbladder surgery


Need advice feel like I'm going crazy !

January I was admitted to hospital with pancreatitis due to gallstones in my bike duct since than I have been so I'll was readmitted to hospital in February with gallbladder pain. I was told than I would need my gallbladder removed which was done last Monday.

It's a week later I had to go to out of hours doctor yesterday then spent five hours on the SD card to be told yes your wound is infected and here's some antibiotics. I'm in pain still but I feel no one is listening to me yes my wound is leaking pus but I still feel like I did before the gallbladder was removed.

I get pain under my ribs and my back I feel sick and now I have a wound ! 

Everyone I know as said "oh when I had my mine out I was up and about" I am exhausted if I just go for a walk. 

All I want to know is this normal ? 

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Well no infection after surgery is 'normal'. In fact it is serious.

You have been given antibiotics so let them start working. That means no walking and rest certainly for a few days or until you begin to feel better.

If you have a post op appt with your consultant make a note to tell him. Make sure you see your oen GP after any visit to A&E


I had my gallbladder removed last August , mine had total disintegrated and had started to go gangerous. It took over 2 hours for my surgeon to remove completely and was left with a drain for a week, this wound got infected. It took me about 6 weeks to recover and get back to work but I still feel pain sometimes but the doctors don't know what it is even after having scans done. 

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just to let you know that even after having your gallbladder removed does not mean that you will not have any more stones as its the liver that makes the stones not the gall bladder. i have been in hopsital for a stone stuck in my bile duct and am only out of hospital 5 days while i was in there i met 3 women with stones in there bile duct who have had there gallbladder removed. so i suggest to tell the doctor this they are totally ignorant some of them its shameful.scans do not always show stones especially if they are in the bile duct. the only thing that will show that is an MRI CT as i had a scan and it did not show but when i had the MRI CT it showed the stone in my bile duct. good luck check the colour or your urine as well as it can go very dark with an infection caused by this although mine did not, any old wounds can also become painful. i noticed this.


Hi Paton how things is david ok had my gallbladder removed about 10 years ago I ended back in hospital with a bad infection they had to cut the infected skin away a part from that everything was alright,

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All OK thanks Yogibe


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im just out of hospital.i have a stone stuck in my bile duct. they tried to remove it with an ERCP but could not budge it. when i went into hospital over two months ago to have my gall bladder removed they said it was stuck to my liver and could not find the stone which at the previous scan was told it was 24mm thats about 3/4 of an inch. they just did nothing and said they could not find the stone no wonder it was in my bile duct. they also told me 1/4 of my liver was atrophied and my gall bladder had shriveld to the size of a thimble due to infection.i went for an MRI CT SCAN where they found the stone in the bile duct and made me an appointment for next month however i had a terrible attack of pain and was taken by ambulance last week where they did the ERCP i now have a stent which can fall waiting on my next appointment they say they are letting my insides heal after the hour of being awake and them trying to get the stone out. they told me i would be under sedation and would feel very little i was wide awake and moaning in agony for an hour long as they would not give up trying to get the stone to budge. it has been there that long now that it has calcified and i have to have an operation to cut the bile duct and remove the stone and reconsturct the bile duct. i am thinking of putting a complaint in as im in pain every single day and i also got pancreatitis with the ERCP. it was pure agony. it is the actuall infection of having a stone in the bile duct for so long that has caused my gallbladder to shirnk and my 1/4 liver to atrophy, i dont trust that hospital. and im not sure what my next move should be. i feel i have to do something to keep the ball rolling and not just get left to be poisoned.


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