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What is causing this?

I have little scab-like things on areas where the nerves are pressing, my pain clinic consultant looked and seen them on the back of my head and on my scalp right at the top of my head, and it seemed to say something to him , he said I had cauda root problem, and that  was it,  no letter confirming this

Now after a MRI my GP said my result showed compression, (something I knew for many years, but could not get them to admit it)

Now my point is what is causing these, and what are they , anyone know, thanks in advance best Alex

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Have you found any answers or relief?

Are they about the size of s sand grain?


Sorry just read your question....em it's a strange thing like a scab forms and seems to grow into a small pea and if I knock or pick it off it bleeds a little and I think some strange ooze that goes on to scabbing over but never get's better and can't get an answer, but I suspect my GP knows because she called another doctor in who looked and they mumbled something I never took in, but I have an appointment with her tomorrow and will take it up with her again.

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