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Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury

I had a motorcycle accident on 08/09/1969.  I had many injuries. I have been left with a mostly paralised left arm and tremendous neropathic pain in my arm from just above the elbow to the tips of my fingers, this is accompanied by  sudden muscle contractions. I have other health problems.

in the last 46 years I have been in constant pain the nhs has been no help whatsoever with the exception of prescribing highly addictive drugs which leaves people drooling in the corner (don't want that!!)

Well enough of that, the upside is after a couple of years I managed to return to the world of work, got married (twice) had children my youngest now 32 still lives at home so despite all the years of suffering I am glad I am still here to tell the tale.

respite from pain I hear you ask?  in my case weekend whisky gives some relief in the good old days a couple of joints did well. Not now though as I quit my 40 a day habit 12 years ago.

Well thanks for letting me babble on good luck and peace to you all.

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Babble away  if it helps your pain,we are all in the same boat.



Sometimes it's nice to chat to people who are in kinda the same boat.

It's good that you managed to get back to work & raise a family 

God bless you take care 😊😊


good too get it off your chest sometimes........T


It sounds to me like you may have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), otherwise known as RSD and I'm not surprised at all that it hasn't been recognised. Google for doctors that specialise in it and ask your GP for a referral.  There are some CRPS/RSD societies out there with lots of info and self help groups on Facebook. America is way ahead of us on diagnoses and I spoke to a lady with it that was helped greatly by certain Vit's, minerals and alternative medicines (I think D3 was one) and I may still have the info somewhere, which I'll try and find for you. 


Thank's for the info I will look into it. Not heard of this before!.

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