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Huge thankyou to everyone who replied to my last post it is so wonderful to know you can get so much support . I hope to return the kindness and understanding to anyone who may need it.

Someone mentioned the muscle spasm's and yup they are the worst. Start in lower back travel up to the top of my spine. It is so difficult to even breath when this happens. Have not mentioned this to my GP because I just don't want another medication. Already on Gabapentine, Athrotec ,Amitriptaline, and Cyclobenzaprine .

I have a new grandson and I want to be able to play , cuddle and love on him without being in pain. I know it is probably to late for the no pain thing but at least have reduced pain. I feel like I have whined through this whole post so sorry about that. Just very frustrated today. Not one of my better days.

Thankyou again


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dont be sorry - a problem shared is a problem halved. Well maybe not halved but helps to talk ab out it....


No need to apologise, whining is good therapy sometimes!



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