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Exhausted and full of pain

Hi, l am new to this forum and would be very grateful for some guidance from anyone who has similar issues.

My cardiologist has written to my Doctor and sent me a copy informing me that my blood test proved positive for anemia.

My life at the moment is pure torment as l have pains in my neck, shoulders, back, and legs all of which is driving me mad.

When l go to bed l can feel my whole body is crawling with spasms and in particular my legs which keep me awake despite taking a tramadol and a sleeping tablet.

The worst aspect of this is my absolute exhaustion which prevents me from getting on with life in the way l would wish to.

I am seeing a Doctor on 17/03/16 who may start me on some treatment for the anemia but in the meantime l would be grateful for any advice.


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try magnesium and Vid D3 it has helped my husband.

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Thank you l will certainly get some and try it.


Definately try vit D3 magnesium and vit B12 these have helped my husband that suffers with chronic pain.

He has been able to stop the morphine and cut down on some if his other meds.

i wish we had known about this forum years ago.

i just know these vits have helped him

wishing you all the best.


What very useful advice, l did'nt know about these vitamins for pain and you are the second one on this forum to recommend D3 magnesium so it seems to work.

Thank you


Dear classicmichael,

I don't want this to sound 'twee' or, in any way patronising, but I DO feel for you. I have NOT had quite the same symptoms, as you, but AM 'positive' for Rheumatoid Arthritis- along with other 'things'. I might be wrong here, but I doubt it, by adding to your list of symptoms-tummy problems, constipation (yes all that straining!), tummy ache, acid stomach, sickness not to mention queasiness. Yes they ARE all further symptoms, of Vasculitis (and most of it's allied conditions).

Now, I'll admit, that this may not work but, I'll suggest it anyway....Have you spoken to your Doctors/Consultants about all of this? They might be able to reduce, or indeed, change your Medications. Please don't Scoff too soon-a friend of mine, some three years ago, was having a very bad-near 'Manic-reacting to her medication. A long(-ish anyway) chat with her Doctor resulted in a change-in both the 'meds' and her! Now I won't say that there has been no trouble since but I WILL tell you she has been considerably better. Surly worth a go?

I'll leave with that and my very best wishes


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Try alpine tea for constipation it definately works on my husband he now drunks it all the time so no more meds for that.


Thanks 7437 l will certainly give it a try


Thanks AndrewT l do feel the meds are poisoning my system especially Tramadol which l am taking for the pain then l have to take something for the c onstipation

Etc and l am planning to go over my other meds with the Doctor.

Thanks for your input


Hi here I am the same riddled with wide spread pain and have anaemia my is Pernicious Anaemia it an autoimmune disease I simply don't produce vitamin B12. I have B12 injections every 3 months and iron tablets. I also take a high dose of vitamin C as this helps with the reabsorbing iron although still tired and feel like I have been hit with a bus I would its helping. wont happen over night and can take a couple of months before you feel any effects I would stick with it. I think I pay 99p from sainburrys and that for a month supply. I can sleep for 20 hours plus and feel tired since I have been taken the vit C my cognitive function is improving. Hope this helps.



Hi Nikki-1 l I'll get a supply of vit c and see if things inprove

Thanks for your elp


Hi Nikki, thanks for replying, I am not sure what type of anemia l have until l see the Dr on Thursday. I know so very little about this illness and hoping to get some help to cope with this exhaustion. I also have developed breathlessness which seems to have appeared about the same time.

Do you get out of breath with your anemia? and also how do they rate the different types of anemia? Sorry so many questions but l don,t have a clue about this condition and maybe B12 injections would help me cope more.

Incidentally the leg pains are now restricting me from walking too far, is it the same for you?


No matter what type anaemia you taken vitamin C will help plus vitamin B complex tablets. I get very out of and leg pain its very difficult to pin point what the cause is as I have multiply complex health conditions and take over 20 tablets a day plus 2 types of patches. As for the type of anaemia the blood test results should indicate this. I was low on foliate acid as well. I had my drug plan changed in 2010 and tweaked since must admit pre changes in 2010 my drugs were fighting against each other and making very ill. I am not without pain and discomfort but at lest I know my pain clinic have me on the correct treatment plan. I am studying for a degree next year is my last year within my studies I will be concentrating on chronic pain treatment. What I have found is knowing something about your conditions goes a long way don't be afraid to question like why is this drug going to help me or will this drug affect my other drugs. even asking for the pain clinic to re address your treatment plan don't accept things your not happy with and ask questions or take questions with you so you don't forget. Also ask if there is anything you can do to help yourself I have found a disabled yoga group and that's a huge help. There has been studies into taken magnesium but can have a negative effect on your currant treatment plan. Drugs like tramadol are out dated but if your willing to take them the NHS will give you them. Since I have become pro active in my treatment plan I have had positive out with fewer side effects.


Sleep is important to help with muscle spasms if they have been brought on by lack of sleep.

You need to see a chiropractor to help with reducing the muscle spasms in the back.

An Alexander Teacher can help with muscle problems caused by postural problems.

Yoga can help with preventing muscle spasms. A good massage may help to remove a few aching muscles caused by muscle over contraction.

Hope this helps.


Hi johnsmith, l did go and see a chiropractor but because l have a disc bulge which is pressing on the nerves they thought it wise to see a spinal surgeon first.

My Dr has referred me and l that they can help.

Thanks for input.


Can take 10-12 weeks before you notice a difference. Good luck and I hope things improve soon.


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