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Went to dentist just over a week ago. Was told i had abscess given 5 days of antibiotics 1 week later in a great deal of pain. Back to dentist had the tooth out. Pain still bad did everything that I was told to do. Back to dentist told I had dry gum and I had properly kept my mouth too clean. The hole in gum was filled. Little easier but day after still in a great deal of pain feel really awful. Do not know what to do next.

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It's called dry socket. Unfortunately it sometimes happens after extractions. All you can do it take pain killers and wait for it to heal 😁

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Back to the dentist again I think. If fixing the dry socket problem didn't work, then they do need to have another look at it. When I have had dry socket, the pain has disappeared almost immediately the cavity was re-packed. I don't think you should still be in pain with it.


Thank you for your reply. I will be at the dentist first thing . It is the pain that is keeping me a wake.


Nothing worse than dental / gum pain. No doubt you have been told which pain killers to take. I would go to bed and try to sleep. Every cloud has a silver lining, you can't be eating too many calories in your state! Not that you will find any comfort in that, I'm sure! Hope you soon feel a lot better,


Home remedies I have used is warm water with salt in it and swish around. Also I was really amazed by clove oil for pain relief. I used to use whiskey but my wife cottoned on to how many tooth aches I was having and perhaps I should go to a dentist! Busted!

Hope it gets better soon



I had to go back to the dentist. Given antibiotics for the second time.still I a lot of pain. Taking Panadol and ibrufin . Another appointment tomorrow afternoon.


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