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Blue Badge

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Hi I have applied for my blue badge and was pleased to know that even though I’m on standard rate of mobility I got enough points to automatically qualify for blue badge… I just thought if anyone was in the same situation they may be able to get this much needed resource!! 😁

I ordered a self propelled wheelchair ♿️ too as I need to get around when we are away and the boot scooter wasn’t up to scratch for my needs .

I hope everyone is staying cool and safe , and yes I’m stil wearing my 😷 mask in shops

Have a good day



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Thank you for sharing this.Like your Cockerpoos

I have two poodles too.

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Shazza1968 in reply to rabbits65

You’re welcome, I’m training BRANSTON to help me he picks up things for me … they are such great companions while hubby is at work, as I don’t have many friends in the area where we live &I had to give up work in April as I was really struggling ..

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rabbits65 in reply to Shazza1968

Yes I agree my poodles too are my very best companions .

Yes you need minimum of 10 points for Blue Badge. However 8 points results in standard mobility. Therefore (unfairly in my opinion) some people can get standard mobility but not eligible for blue badge 🤷‍♀️

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Shazza1968 in reply to Bevvy

I’m still going to apply for a change as they said I could walk 50 metres in 2019, but I can walk 20 metres now without near collapse with the pain ….

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Bevvy in reply to Shazza1968

Totally up to you but when are you due for a review of PIP? I ask because when I received standard rate mobility lots of people suggested I should appeal. I wouldn’t because I had read such horror stories that I was scared on appeal I could loose it altogether…..I waited and when I had review it was changed to high rate mobility. Not only that but for reasons I won’t go in to here they back dated it for almost a year 😮.

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thenunn in reply to Bevvy

Hi Bevvy, I had the same late last year. They did a review ,I had to fill form to say if anything had got worse etc. Sent it off , thinking they'll either stop my pip or leave as is or even call me in ..but to my surprise (and relief) they upped it ! I cried it was such a relief. I am thinking of getting a car on motability ,but I have a very reliable little car , all be it i have to fold seats down to carry my walker , but I still think at present Im better as I am ,probably because I worry if they stop my higher rate Id be car less which would be worse.

I think blue badge is given if you have sufficent doctors reports to say your mobility is affected enough and has not a lot to do with elderly father got it and he had no pip or disability amount

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Bevvy in reply to thenunn

Not all authorities will agree blue badge without PIP when under pension age. If you look below I explain that in another posting.With regards a mobility car. I made the decision to not have one. I think is VERY expensive way to get a car. You have to use ALL mobility money and often some additional money each month. I have just purchased a nearly new car and haggled a good deal. Yes I had to pay for a hoist to be fitted for mobility scooter. And will have insurance and servicing to pay BUT at end of day car is mine. I don’t have to panic about what will happen if loose enhanced mobility. I expect to keep this car for a good 10 years and now I’m not working mileage will be low.

IF I had needed a lot of adaptations to car then probably mobility car would be necessary but in my circumstances isn’t.

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CDPO16 in reply to Bevvy

I only have the basic mobility rate of PIP but have had a blue badge for several years. It was renewed without question this year soon after I applied when my PIP was continued after review.

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7774 in reply to Bevvy

Hi Bevvy, it’s 8 points for a blue badge

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Bevvy in reply to 7774

Ahh ok. I thought was 10 not 8. Thanks.

Hi Sharon. Good for you on getting your blue badge. I to have one, & its not an easy process. Everything that you are entitled to , you have to go & hunt it down yourself. 👍😉

I am really glad you got it. The interesting thing about the Blue Badge is that it is administered by the local council and they have a bit more leeway than PIP/DLA.

I used to be rung by the council to have a chat every time we renewed and they always asked if there was anything else they could help with and to make sure I knew about other things for disabled people in my area. I know i am lucky; Blue Badges really are a postcode lottery!

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Bevvy in reply to cyberbarn

It varies such a lot. Before I received then DLA my council at the time wouldn’t entertain idea of Blue Badge for me. This is despite letters from Gp, consultant and even MP! I even knew that they weren’t applying the discretion the could but still wouldn’t budge.

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Shazza1968 in reply to Bevvy

Sorry to see this I’m in Essex now but also had one when I lived in Bournemouth are you on PIP at all ?

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Bevvy in reply to Shazza1968

Thanks for concern but I did say in start of answer BEFORE I received then DLA. Once I was in receipt of high rate mobility I was eligible automatically for Blue Badge. Then once in receipt of PIP I am still automatically entitled.

Looks like your dogs like this transport too Shazza1968, glad to hear you got the blue badge nice to hear good news now and then. Enjoy your closer parking with the badge.

That’s great information! I’d say a lot of people don’t realise they could get a blue badge to help make life slightly easier!

Did you know that once you get a blue badge, even if you’re on standard mobility pip, you can apply for 50% discount in your road tax? A great saver if you have a ‘gas guzzler’, but not worth the hassle if you’ve got a wee car when tax is only £30 a year.

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Shazza1968 in reply to JerryR

Really ?? Img I have an old freelander Land Rover so yes that would help due to Renew end of this month THANK YOU 🙏🏻

So I tried to sort it out at the Post office they were absolutely useless and not at all helpful so I have paid full amount!!! I am trying to work out how to change the class on the registration document… I should get a 50% refund I hope 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

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thenunn in reply to Shazza1968

Hi Shazza , you have to apply direct with DVLC, cant do it online or post office , you have to send in forms . Good luck , its well worth having

Shazza1968 profile image
Shazza1968 in reply to thenunn

Sent it off on Wednesday after a chat with a dvla advisor, she was very helpful and I should get last years back too …

That's great news. I'm currently waiting to see if they renew my blue badge. I got mine after a face to face assessment and since then I've been awarded the basic mobility PIP so I'm waiting to hear if I need a new assessment or not. I'd definitely say apply for a blue badge, they can only say no, if it's a yes life is so much easier.

Basic mobility I think it’s still applies …

Hello Shazza1968:Love the little fur babies made me smile 😊

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