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Brain fog?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this? It basically hit me and man is it the worst feeling ever. I feel very out of it, like spaced out lightheaded and dizzy. The feeling of my head being full. I've been prone to sinus infections these past few months. I recently made trip to the er and they seen I had fluid behind my ear again and pressure on my face but no infection. Tmi but no green boogers when I blow my nose but I noticed when I wake up that there is hard tiny green boogers. They gave me Nasel spray and nothing helped clear the ears. The pressure and pain from my ears is giving me jaw pain. Would the fluid behind my ears affect my head as in brain fog?

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Fluid behind your ears needs to be treated despite no infection. See an ENT, nasal spray will not help fluid behind ears.


Would that cause the brain fog though?


Sounds like when my wife had an infection in one only three weeks of antibiotics and no swimming without ear plugs and Vaseline for a month. But she does not have a chronic illness I do!


It sounds like it could be migraine related. Look up symptoms for vestibular migraine and see if you can relate. I used to get a sense of fullness in my ears with mine similar to that found in Menieres syndrone. And brain fog. And dizziness. Migraine comes in many forms including sinus pain, and even neurological symptoms without pain!

Good luck.


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