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Has anyone suffered pain because of this, I have had a left hip replacement and a right knee replacement carried out over the last two years. I also suffer with lower back pain and sciatica, I believe that my right leg has always been a little longer than my left, my husband has always laughed and said I walk a little strangely, but no doctors seem to take me seriously, I visited the physiotherapist following my knee replacemenent and told her of my concerns, she suggested a 1cm foam heel raise, and I do believe this is helping, Anyone got any information as to where to seek help on this one, I would love to know if I really do have odd length legs, and if this could possible be the cause of the differing wear on my joints.

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Hi Gwince,

I am not medically trained but as far as I know in order to be absolutely sure you have a leg length difference you would need xray confirmation otherwise it could just be muscular. Also, apparently, leg length difference is very common. A short leg can cause scoliosis

lateral tilt of sacrum, spine slides down to shorter side, spine twists into 1° and 2° curves, longer leg has shorter hip flexor. Heel raise is essential with true short leg, Minimize leg length difference, not equalize, Must be worn all the time - no bare feet. If its not a true shorter leg then particular stretches could be advisable....if your physio is any good then they should be able to advise you further....hope this helps. :)


Hi Gwince1, Why did you have a hip replacement? , was it because of wear and tear of the ball and socket joint of your hip ? To check your legs, lie flat on your back, with legs together and check if your knees are level, Hubby will need to help. If they are not then your pelvis will be out of alignment and all of this has a knock on effect with your back pain.The support you wear in your shoe is helpful. You have probably had this since you were a child and it is ony now causing you problems Since you have had your hip replacement you could have a bit of shortening of your leg,Have you tried pulling your skirt up and looking in a long mirror, in your bare feet, I hope you are managing to get some relief for your pain

Kind Regards Moggiemay


Thanks Moggiemay, you have just confirmed my thoughts, I always thought that trousers were shorter on my right leg than on my left, when I stood in front of a mirror my right side pelvis seemed to be higher than the left. I had my left hip replaced last year and then this year had my right knee replaced. I would like to be sure if not for me but for my daughter who also seems the same and walks the same as I did. I think I may have to go and be assessed privately as everytime I mention it, the medics look at me as if I were a little bit stupid, but if it could save her from the problems I have in the future it will be well worth it.

Thanks again Gwince1


Hi Gwince1 I find this site is very good at removing posts, How old is you daughter? My daughter is 43 and has asimilar problem to you She has lumber disc problems and her pelvis is out of alighnment and Her hips click She is Tall 5' 10 ins. I took her to a paedeatrician when she was 4 and he told me I was over anxious/May be get her checked out by a physio Best of luck Moggiemay


Thanks Moggiemay, my daughter is 34 and has a pain like sciatica when she has done a lot of walking, I have a Dr's appointment later this week I will ask yet again if I can be referred, If that turns out to be positive I think my daughter should also go and get checked out


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