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Trigger warning Mothers day

I have had so many emails "Dont forget Your Mum on Mothers Day" these companies disgust me they dont think about the pain and suffering many of us have suffered and are suffering! No one who has cared or cares for their Mother are going to Forget them today or any other day! My Mum is in my thoughts 24/7, I am constanly thinking "would Mum approve,would Mum think Im doing the right thing? Or Mum would like this!" No I have never been a Mothers boy ,if anything i was probably the bane of my Mothers life all the problems i caused as a child and young adult. I never seeked my Mothers approval when she was alive but always considered what she would think! I am not grieving my Mothers demise,I am angry at the cause and with the hospital trust who lied to the Coroner (Coroners should in my opinion have sufficient medical knowledge to be able to question Drs who lie) I will not let my anger ruin what life i have left,so am going forward as best i can.

I know many will be missing a loved one and today many will be more susceptible to the sadness of losing their Mum depression and loss seem to go hand in hand sadly! But good can come out of it ! Live for Today think of Tomorrow ,be Happy get rid of your sadness and sorrow. I so wish i could take my own advice at times! Advice my Mother tried to get me to follow, "Sometimes you follow your heart and sometimes your brain takes over,have a happy medium and youl be all right" sorry if my post has upset anyone that is not my intention. I dont have anyone else I can share my thoughts with !

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I hate Mothers Day coz I lost my mum 4 years ago. I just try and ignore it now.


I lost mine March last year hospital gave her penicillin when they knew it would cause a reaction due to her severe allergy,I think of my Mum most of the time today makes the loss worse due to the circumstances. Sorry for your loss ,I like to think she is still looking out for me!

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Sorry for your loss too.


Poor you I hope that you feel better today? I hate Mothering Sunday because I can't be a Mother and I don't have a partner. I have two little dogs looking after me right now but they forgot to get me a card! Never mind, 364 days until we have to endure the next one!


There is so much more to being a Mother than the bearing the Fed up and fearful, my Mum used to foster children two who didnt leave till they went to Uni !

I don't know your circumstances but Fostering and adoption is something that many people do when they cant have Children !mine are all grown up and mostly only remember my telephone number when they need something! (The joy of parenthood) my Mother was a very good Lady although She did have her flaws ,I would never sugar coat them ,I say it how I see it ! I had a long term partner who is now my best friend .tbh I would love to have more children but I can't look after myself properly now so I would be a very selfish person to get involved again and have more children. Also they can be a problem! Good Luck I hope you get what you want in life and are happy ! Tell them Dogs no treats if you don't get a card next year! Lol,


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