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blood pressure

Hi..Everyone. My question is how high can blood pressure go. I have had MI's, heart bypass and im on blood pressure tablets, for the past 5/6 days my pressure has been over 200/100 the highest being 232/107, it is now coming down after a visit to my gp put me on more meds im on bisoporil. losartan and now indapamide. Should i have gone to A&E?.......take care

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Considering you are already on bp tablets those numbers are very high, maybe a call to your cardiac team is advisable.


Hypertensive crisis is systolic higher than 180 diastolic higher than 110


Your blood pressure is very high, generally they become concerned if the pressure is over 140 and they prefer to intervene at this stage.

My blood pressure is 124/76 at this time that is about normal.

With regard your condition with heart problems I would arrange an appointment with your GP, If you are concerned because it is the weekend, call 111 and they will triage your condition and if required arrange a GP or a visit to see a Specialist in hospital

If you feel at real risk, call 999. It would be advisable you take medical advice now as I am not qualified to give inclusive advice in this case all I can say your blood pressure is very high



Thanks for yr reply, i think i will go to A&E next time, trouble A&E is a nightmare 4 + hrs arrrrrgh......take care


It is very sensible of you to monitor your blood pressure especially after bypass surgery, my advice is to call an ambulance and get yourself checked over, l did just that with similar numbers and was given emergency angiogram and they found two very blocked arteries which were stented.

I am not suggesting that you have the same but so many people who did'nt want to bother the doctor have finished up with dire consequences.

Better to be safe than sorry.


My BP goes up like this with a food reaction. Point is, it can be any cause. If it is food then taking medication does not do the trick. My question to my GP would I have any allergies that can cause this high BP? If you know of any get them checked out. My causes include soya, dairy, onions and bananas.


Hi...thanks for yr reply, already done allergy tests, my Dr has put me on some more meds they are working but im suffering with side effect's, so its wait and see.....take care


Spoon39 Hi it was interesting to read about your BP have you heard of white coat syndrome .My BP is all over the place when I had my L4/ L5 Decompresion opp the nurses couldn't believe it.I too have called an ambulance in the past as it is very frightening 235/106 with palpitations had all the test and couldn't find anything wrong I can not take any blood pressure tablets as they make me so ill tried so many and suffered with terrible headaches .I had to go to the renal clinic to be monitored (nothing wrong with my kidneys) it's just that they have more time Fantastic Doctor put me on a water tablets and aspirin it has controlled it a bit some times it can be 142/69 169/71 or 200/89 130/65 I used to help with walking and swimming but if you have read my blogs I have been on a Zimmer frame crutches now I am promoted to sticks hopefully not for long as for diet I eat porridge with blueberries /cherries Fresh when I can get them if not frozen handful of walnuts and 10 almonds a day .i can drive in another 3 weeks havnt driven since last April the Specialist was pleased with my opperation so I hope I can be a little bit normal I feel so sorry for all you people that suffer this permanently I am still on morphine but hope to reduce it and come off it .Paton if you read this I do hope you and David are ok you where so kind to me when I was in a state after my car accident which was not my fault in October 2014 Thank you all and good luck in 2016 xxx Spoon39


sorry to hear of your problems, I have a home BP monitor and just relaxing when it reached 232/112, white coat is why i have home monitor,my doctor has put me on some new meds but im having bad h/aches and nausea so will have to stop........tahnks for yr reply,.....take i use electric indoor out w/chair, to be honest without it i would go no where. I now use everything that helps .


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