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Hi everyone

So today I went to see my physio who has given me exercises (which I have previously done, and its made no difference!!) and has told me to walk, (with my crutches) everyday gradually increasing the distance. Don't get me wrong i don't mind doing these things but I feel like physios and doctors don't understand that you are in pain and you can only do a certain amount. I feel like my gp has given up on me as he basically told me to 'get on with it' , which I was not expecting!! My family share the same view that I should just carry on and yet again 'get on with it'. I don't feel like I am getting much support and no one understands that its just not that easy...if only it was!!.

And then to top it off, i come home to an appointment from my neurologist, who when the last time I saw him, suggested that he didn't want to see me until next year, so that's also confusing me!!

And all these doctors and physios all have different opinions and never tell you the same thing so then I don't know what advice to take on board!!

So that's how my day has done... sorry to rant.


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What is the cause of your pain? I've experienced disinterested GP's, the doctors surgery I attended for most of my youth and early adult years did nothing for me. I made the decision to change surgery and my new GP was brilliant. There's always sometime out there that will have the time to listen, you just need to keep trying to find them, I know it's a frustrating process. Have you seen the pain clinic?

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Thank you so much for your reply! I have chronic back pain and right leg nerve pain, they done all the tests under the sun and cant tell me the cause. However they think it all started when I slipped a disc, which healed quite quickly. I have been like this now for 10 months or so and its getting beyond a joke now.

The physio have started the pain management programme, and she is intouch with the pain clinic. I live on the Isle of Man so resource and waiting times are quite high, so for now thats the best way.

Just have to carry on the best I can. Thanks again for your reply. Lx


God knows that is such a common tale of woe when you have chronic pain, it is the most frustrating feeling, and as you say you get such a varied amount of conflicting advice that one often contradicts another. I guess you should change your G.P if you think it might help, and ask for a referral to a pain clinic if you haven't already been to one. You don't say what your problems are, and we certainly don't want to pry, but a general overview may get you more advice from the forum as to what worked for us. We happy band of travellers have a huge range of problems often linked to another that there isn't much we haven't heard about seen or suffered, the advice here will be sympathetic, empathetic, non judgemental and free ! Even if you don't want advice, you can rant and rave here as much as you like !


Thanks for your reply. I have chronic back pain with nerve pain in my right leg which as become persistent (they think it originally started with a slipped disc which has healed a long time ago!!) I am only 24 so as you can imagine i want to get out and enjoy my life, but this is currently holding me back.

Its nice to know that I have somewhere to come to talk to people who understand what I am going through!.

Thanks for the reply again Lx


You are in the same boat as most people who have long term health disabilities. You have to do your own investigation. This is very time consuming as it appears everyone has to re-invent the wheel for this. You are up against quality clinical data for a particular diagnosis which turns out to be highly unreliable.

The science of quality and reliability are in fact two different sciences. Unfortunately the Health systems concentrate on quality and totally ignore the issue of reliability.

Physios have the habit of giving exercises where one size fits all. The physios appear to lack understanding that there is an incorrect way of doing a particular exercise and a better way of doing a particular exercise.

As you have been given a set exercises it is worth discussing them with a yoga teacher who can show you a better way of doing these exercises. It is also advisable to see a n Alexander Teacher who can make you aware of the influence of posture as a cause of pain and discomfort.

Neather Yoga or Alexander work will cure the problem you have. However both these methods will give you skills to reduce the pain and discomfort that interfere with teh quality of life that you experience.

Hope this helps.


waste of time and my money nhs phsysio a professional person with such a attitude problem lack of care and hands on i gave up and never went back 30 mins went down to less then 5 mins often went off to use the phone shocking


Yes am sure we all have different experiences with physios. I saw one first time i met her, walked in still had my coat one and before she even asked me any questions said that my problem was because I was 'overweight' and her bed side manner was non existent!! fair to say i didnt see her again!!


It is very frustrating. I have suffered neuropathic pain since surgery about 8 years ago and my gp thinks if I focus on what is going on around me it will go away. You have all the painkillers I can prescribe he told so really get on with it yourself. Take pregabelin 2 daily and tramadol (only got that cause went to pain consultant direct cutting gp out) to help with pain. Hate the side effects but it is either pain or tramadol(don't sleep at night think I have seen enough telly , driving me daft)

Recently told have damaged femoral nerve by physio who has given me exercises but again have to pay for it myself. Go to GP and he really does not want to see me. The moral is you have to keep fighting for yourself. Take Vitamin B-100 for pins and needles and Mega Benfotiamine for Neuropathic pain which I find really helps.

Hope you get the help you need but you know this forum is always here to support and listen. Take care.


I have chronic back pain with right leg nerve pain and they are suggesting that my pain is now all neuropathic. They have me on all sorts of pills because i can hardly walk without crutches. I am also with you with the sleep, I have forgotten the last time I had a full night sleep am lucky to get 3 hours of interrupted sleep a night.

Thanks for your reply. Take care Lx

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Me and the armchair are now best friends since I seem to spend every night there. The only time I do sleep is if body is totally exhausted then I am allowed few hours. No idea when I got full night sleep that would be pure bliss. Take care x

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