many thanks from Alan

hi there i would just like to say a BIG THANKS not only to Kazz60 for posting this message about me being rushed in hospital on Friday night i was only discharged Sunday 20/12/15. to say a big thank you to all that has posted, i will get around to looking at the individual posts to thank you personally. i just wanted to let you know what happened. i had a blocked lower abdomen which had been trapped by by my upper abdomen and by bladder hit all trapped the lower Abdomen causing me server stomach pain which if i hadn't have got to the hospital as quickly as i did, the surgeon said that by today i would have been dead. what they did is x-ray me first here at Bassetlaw Hospital, sore that its was blocked got in touch with Doncaster royal Hospital where they c.t scanned me to find that my lower abdomen was completely blocked and i didn't know which end smelt the worse, i'll leave it at that, so what they did was given me two enemas one Saturday and another this morning and just to say that it has all now been unblocked, my stomach as gone back to the size and shape it should have been, so i would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL of that you that was concerned and to those who didn't know until now speak to you all as individuals from now. Alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hey Alan well I tell you what!! What you like me laddo! You don't do things by halves do you!!DONT think you can go into competition with me,my bin lid and egg!! You win hands down mate!

    But how awful for you! And frightening as well!Think you need to take it easy now and put your feet up!!

    Must admit was worried when I read post re Alan in hospital but not certain it was you!!

    Anyway pleased it got sorted !!

    Let me know how you are.

    Take care

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath well my dad always said if a job's worth doing do it right? i don't think he might anything like this. sorry was in competition with you never thought about that oh well at least i know what was the cause of it, its this sorry for saying this, but this bloody hernia ive got plus my upper abdomen flattening my lower abdomen and my bladder, i think there was a conspiracy to gang up on me don't know why. but yes i'm o.k now-ish stomach feels like David Beckham as just kick me there boy does it hurt, your right about one thing is feet up on settee watching the TV for a bit. i ask Kazz60 to post to everyone because i'd got her number in my phone texted her just to let all my friends know.

    i will be ok its going to take same more medication to sort this out, i think if someone picked me up i would rattle with all the medication i'm taking at this moment, many thanks Kath i promise i will and glad your egghead is finally gone i think that's 1-1 isn't it. take care and i promise i will put feet up and do nothing for the next year or so, just to keep out of arms way. big hug n kiss for you and a cuddle from your friend Alan xx

  • Well it was very kind of her to let us all know!!You are bound to feel rough mate! Yep you just watch the TV with a nice cuppa!

    Just take it easy and hope you feel better soon!

    Kath;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath yes i'm very lucky to have such great friends on here and Karen was the only people that came to mind so i'm just going to email her now to say thanks take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Yep good of her to let us all know ~ you def have good pals on here ~as you are to them!

    Hope you manage to rest well and feel better tomorrow!

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath your right there and your my best friend, big hugs to you speak to you later, just going to have something to eat a take my tablets, take care Alan xx

  • Well that's a lovely thing for you to say!! Thank you! I have a stinking cold at the moment and feeling sorry for myself:'( but hey after what you've been through its a drop in the ocean!

    Have something nice to eat and spoil yourself a bit!You def deserve it!!

    Rest up and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you!!

    Kath:-) :-) :-)

  • hi Kath many thanks and whatever i say its sent with love. i sorry to hear you got a cold good excuse for a tot of whisky to help keep the chills out. like i said early i promise that's all i'm going to doing now just sit back feet up and that's it, at least i can talk to my wonderful friends now i'm back home, i know its only two and a half days but i've missed you all take care hope your not trying to make it 2-1 are you. only joking speak to you tomorrow your friend for life not just for now Alan xx

  • Hey Alan,well felt pretty rough last night ,think I coughed for England lol! Don't drink alcohol at all ~justmakesme feel ill`maybe the odd glass of wine with a meal but that's it! Nice cup of peppermint tea for me!Luckily off work for two weeks so that's a bonus!

    Hope you are feeling loads better today after your awful weekend!

    Anyways you take care and look after yourself!

    Will keep in touch!!

    Kath;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath were a right pair together, i don't drink because of all the medication i'm on but if i need just a tot of whisky that's it only for colds, the only others is drink is coffee, or diet coke cola, but i hope you soon recover i'm sending you a big al cuddle just to help with a kiss n hug to help you feel better, well i hope you next two weeks off you enjoy i'll still be here anytime for you take care and LOOK AFTER YOURSELF NO DUSTBIN FIGHTING your friend always Alan xxxx

  • Hey Alan,well if you have a little tipple when you have a cold why not?Just a cold I've got, but a terrible patient! Been out and about today ,visited my neighbour who's by himself (was really good friends with his wife) she asked me to keep an eye on him when she knew how poorly she was bless her! Always something or another to sort out for him,~plus he's loosing his memory so can be a right carry on I tell you!

    Must admit I'm a tea addict de caf peppermint ginger the whole kit and kaboodle!

    Luckily I'm not on any heavy duty meds!!I have Propranolol (the lowest mg) to take when panic/Anxiety takes over but just as needed not every day!Antidepressants aren't good for me a couple of years ago when I was really poorly with Anxiety I was given them but had such a terrible reaction to them I ended up in A+E pretty scary stuff!

    Well my friend no more bin wrestling for me!`quite windy here ~but the bin can flap about as much as it likes ~im not taking it on again!

    Hope you are feeling lots better today! And taking things easy !And you SHOULD treat yourself to something nice after your rotten weekend!!!!!

    Take care!

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath well i'm glad you hear that your frighting days with you dustbin are over, its nice that when someone makes a promise they stick to it, and i know your a kind hearted lady that keeps her word. yes i've done nothing today apart from taking my medication because i didn't notice i hadn't taken any of my medication since Friday tea time so i've had to start my medication again wondered why i was turning into the green monster. but i'm sort of normal i think? anyway what could i treat myself to, its not much fun to do things like that when your on your own, i've never been one to know what i want. so i'll just count my blessings that i'm still here. take care my lovely friend speak to you soon your friend for life Alan xx

  • Hey Alan just buy yourself something you like,maybe some nice chocolate or a bunch of flowers! Do you read? I love a good book ~just something for you really!Yep know you will be grateful that aok after weekend but sometimes good to do something for yourself and its not being greedy at all!

    Hope you are feeling better once your meds kick in but still take it easy~dont be signing up for the marathon yet lol!

    Well not long before cuppa for me ~and my ,3 cats looking for their supper ,~they can be tinkers at times ~as soon as I go to the kitchen they think it's feeding time.

    You take care and will keep in touch

    Your forever friend

    Kath;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath that would be nice, but i'm diabetic, allergic to flowers, i do read but there a limit to my reading, i've got a white cat called Jasper and four guinea pigs they keep me busy, and i thought we were going for the marathon together, you in your dustbin and i'll push you are you up for that. yes its nearly dinner time for me don't know what i'm having yet, apart from some more tablets and a injection then i can eat. take care my wonderful friend enjoy your evening speak to you later, have a big hug from me to you Alan xx

  • Hey Alan well sure there is something you can treat yourself to~how about a bag of kettle chips (my favourite!) Been to do food shopping today ~must admit not as bad as I though~still have a few bits to get but for the most of it finished now!

    Well mate have had another wrestling match this time with a tub of dips in the fridge!(It has been suggested that I didn't put the lid on properly how dare they lol) Needless to say the salsa won closely followed by sour cream and chive and in last place guacamole!! Yep I was in a right mess!Whatever you do DONT mess with salsa it wins hands down!

    You made me laugh at the thought of us in the marathon~me in my bin and you pushing `~that would make some great telly!

    Pleased you have some pets to keep you company!At least you are not completely by yourself!

    My cats are Poppy who is 15 KoKo who is 10 and Twiglet who is 8!

    We used to have Rabbits and guinea pigs ~but a few years ago there was some kind of airborne virus that wiped them all out in a matter of days

    (they lived out in the garden and were allowed to roam free until night time when they went into their hutches) The vet said they'd all caught this awful infection that wiped them out!!It was heartbreaking!

    Well soz this has been long winded!

    Hope you are feeling better today!

    And still taking it easy

    Do you know I'm sure I can still smell those dips!!


    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath are you safe with anything who's cooking dinner, please don't say its you, would you like me to have the nearest fire and rescue station on standby just in case. what are you like, well i know one thing i bet your really tasty bit of all right now haha. anyway what are these kettle chips never heard of them, at the moment i've got to watch not only what i eat but how much, i don't want to go though this weekend again, so i'll just stick to the diet sheet the hospital have given me. anyway are we up for the marathon next year, i'm game or you. i've got one cat who's name is jasper, and for guinea pigs for company and there name's are snowy, sophie, rosey, and ruby all girls. snowy and sophie were rescue guinea pigs and rosey and ruby was bought earlier this year from the pet store just down road from where i live.

    i feel a lot better today still sore on stomach dept but apart from that and still a bit on tired side i'm doing o.k so take care speak to you tomorrow, i will prayer that you have a (hopefully) safe holiday period speak to you soon big hug n kiss n cuddle just for you from me your friend Alan xx

  • Hey I know what am I like eh? Kettle chips are lush!handcooked crisps (they are my downfall with dip!!! Lol) but think you are right to stick to diet hospital gave you!

    Oh your pets sound lovely! I am an animal lover and all of my cats came from either Cat protection or like Poppy ~ my friend found her,and she couldn't take her since she was allergic to cats ~I said I would take her till I found her a home and 15 years on she still here!Ko Ko

    Came from cat protection and Twiglet was going to be drowned bless him!!

    Pleased you are feeling better today! Have 40winks when you feel wacked out! Nothing spoiling!!

    Give your lovely pets a hug from me!!I love the noise guinea pigs make! Oh bless them they are lucky to have you as their Dad!

    Well let's hope I don't have any more bins ,dips or anything else to wrestle!!

    You take care and keep:-)

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath yes for now i'm sticking to what the hospital have said. as for my animals i am a animal lover, they get there food, greens, carrots, cucumber, fresh meadow hay, but i don't use dips on or fro them to messy. yes that's all i'm doing at this moment is just resting, but tomorrow i need to go shopping i don't need much, as long as the animals have food that's more important, don't worry i'll be fed as well, don't know what yet. anyway you haven't answered my question about dinner if you need me to get fire and rescue station on standby just in case. take care speak to you soon your friend always Alan xx

  • Hey Alan well bin been emptied today and dips lid firmly on so think aok! Lol!Hope you got your shopping OK ~I went out to get petrol and honestly nightmare city getting out of Tesco filling station ~luckily 4 me a nice young lad let me out or goodness knows how long I'd have been there!

    Your pets are well looked after! My cats are very fussy eaters honestly costs a small fortune! When they have their front line on every month they don't speak to me for days and the looks I get well I dunno!!

    Anyway hope today has been good to you and you are OK!

    Take care of yourself!!

    Kath:-) :-) :-)

  • hi Kath i'm glad that i went today it was murder trying to get around tescos. i was lucky i filled up last week before i went in hospital, but after i'd done my shopping for me and the four girls and my cat, i was whack out, i'm just glad i went today not tomorrow. glad that you dustbin has been emptied my is tomorrow so its out now. so leave the dustbin a lone remember good will to all dustbins i think that is it isn't it if not you know what i mean. my animals get very looked after and when jasper has to have his frontline done he runs a mile but you are forgiven if you give him his treats. hope you have a lovely time NO ACCIDENTS PLEASE OR ELSE, speak to you soon big hug n kiss for you from me your friend Alan xx

  • Hey Alan another hectic day! Been to hairdressers (my weekly treat to myself) caught up with a friend for a cuppa ,then went to see my neighbour (the one I told you about) wrapped some more presents, did some ironing ,~and now at last having a sit down! Whew!

    Been windy here again but you'll be pleased to know I've not done any more bin wrestling!

    Well Alan hope you get lots of messages tomorrow`~you have so many people on here that are your friend and will be wishing you well!

    You take care and look after yourself!!

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath i'm glad you have left the dustbin a lone, my hair stays the same color i've just have it cut shorter, its two toned brown and more grey, but it doesn't cost much to have mine done. i've done all my shopping, wrapped nothing up because i've got nobody to send anything to so that was cheap, but after 14 years i've just got the hang of it, but i'll be still recovering from last weekend visit to the hospital for a two day break. hope your day goes well and you all enjoy yourselves, please have a drink for me has i can't. take care big hugs n kisses and this present i don't have to wrap a bigAl cuddle that's for you tonight take care your friend for life not just for Christmas Always Alan xxxxxx

  • Alan the gift of friendship is the best gift anyone can give ~not just at this time of year!Well as you know I don't drink alcohol and tomorrow won't be any different! But I ll raise my cup of peppermint tea and wish you Christmas Blessings! This is the time to celebrate Jesus s Birthday and sometimes gets forgotten in all the commercialisation that is now Christmas!

    Know I am as guilty as anyone buying gifts etc~but still remember other people!

    You still have a nice day!

    Take care and know you are a good person with a kind heart and that's what counts in this world!

    Your friend

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath many thanks i know you didn't drink ale but couldn't remember if it was tea or coffee, mine will be a cup of coffee or a glass of diet coke cola for your blessing today and tomorrow take care speak to you soon. one thing your right about friendship its priceless.

    all the best to you from me your friend Alan xxxx

  • Hey Alan tried to message you this morning but for some reason couldn't get on HU site~all other e mails fine but got a message saying they were updating the site!!

    Anyways just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Im a tea drinker in fact just having a cuppa now ~shattered after all the hustle and bustle! Hope you have had loads of greetings from your friends on here ~,although like me may have been blocked til now!

    Just gonna relax for rest of day watch some telly etc

    You take care and wish you well today mate

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath i've had three people post me today, i've have a terrible day my stomach is playing up again my trumps are smelling like rotten eggs, ive just have the enough energy just to come on to see if anybody as mailed me. i feel at the moment, my stomach is turning like a food mixer, i feel weak as a kitten so i'm off to bed to see if it improves. hope you had a great day and tea up. take care speak to you soon hopefully your friend Alan xx

  • Hey Alan ~,soz you had a rubbish day!And your tummy giving you gyp! I enjoyed my day til 10ish last night when my IBS kicked in oh my like you my tummy doing trampoline moves I didn't know existed! But combination of stress and too much rich food! Chocolate being the main culprit!Even though I didn't stuff my face! My youngest son made me a cuppa round 9 and I had a couple of chocs so combined with a few I'd had earlier ~my tummy had had enough~somy own fault really ~sugar is really not my friend and know I have to eat it in moderation!!So there you go! Not up to much 2 day and NO CHOCOLATE!!

    Hope you feel better today and just take it easy!

    On a lighter note my neighbour (Norman the old guy I keep an eye on) asked me what I'd like off Santa so I said a pair of PJs! Well guess what he went and got me 6pairs bless him! So won't be short there!!

    Blessings to you and your pets today!

    Take care

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath yesterday is the only day out the year were everybody does the same over eat and drink, i know you don't, but that the two facts about Christmas day. i'm still feeling rubbish stomach, bladder, and the rear end are at it again, feel sorry weak and in pain, my stomach sounds like a blocked drain that's just unblocking. well that was kind of your neighbor to get you 6 pairs of PJ at least you will have plenty of choice what to wear at night. me and chocolate are a no no i'm diabetic and to what i'm going through at the moment i'm having to be careful. animals all ok, its me that's about had it, anyway i hope your day to day is a good one take care your friend always Alan xx

  • No Alan you are right about the over eating thing including me! (,not the drink part although I drank a few cups of de caf tea) I might have the odd bit of chocolate now and then `~but as you know my weakness is crisps! Anyhow been very careful what I've eaten today!Yesterday think I must have eaten about 6 chocolates which not a huge amount too many for me!

    See how you go with your tummy problems and if no better might be worth a trip to the docs!

    And don't be saying you've just about had it or I'll be sending my bin after you and you know what a devil it is!!

    Not done much today `~popped down to see Norman ,~,yep really kind for him to buy so many PJs ~he used to really spoil his wife at Christmas (they never had children) and he sometimes can go overboard with me if I don't tell him not to!

    Try and relax tonight ~I m just gonna watch TV and then read a bit later!

    Been chucking down today ~my youngest son said "Mam are you gonna have a look to the sales" Not on your Nelly will be madness plus after episode with IBS always feel a bit washed out!

    Take care and will be in touch soon!

    Kath;-) ;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath just remember i'm 6 ft 3 inches tall than your dustbin, my be as weak and a kitten at the moment but i still have a go, my stomach is still the after effects from last weekend they said it would be a few weeks before i'm A1 o.k, i could tell you what the weather is here i haven't opened the curtains, just can't be bothered, i hope your IBS settles down that can be a nightmare just by itself anyway take care enjoyed your many cups of tea speak to you soon big hugs for you from me your friend Always Alan xx

  • Well IBS seems to be OK up to now but once you get a flare up anything can trigger it off!Why don't you try and pop out tomorrow just to get out and about a bit!! It might cheer you up ,(I'm not bossing you about BTW) but don't want you getting yourself in a rut! I know what I was like a couple of years ago and just didn't want to do anything ~I had to force myself!No one ever believes I suffer panic and Anxiety but I hide it very well!

    Anyways at this stage you are safe from my bin! Think it would take anyone one no matter their size can be a nasty piece of work I can tell you!

    You take care and hope tomorrow is a better day ~Im def going for a look out somewhere even just a mooch round shops a couple of miles away will drive me round the bend (and don't say I thought you already were lol) being cooped up another day!

    Take care and keep:-)

    Kath:-) :-) :-)

  • hi Kath its all right going out by at the moment my bum needs the toilet and it might be very quickly at this moment, but yes i know what you mean, early this year i was house bound for 6 months until my car came then i went mad. i may seam a little thick here, you used the letters BTW i just hope its not what i'm thinking it means but could you put my mind at rest just in case its not what i'm thinking off, anyway i like a woman that takes the lead. the thing with suffering with nerve, anxiety, and panic, nobody see the real you, then only time they see you is when you put up on face, most people don't even know what its like to suffer like we do, so take care please let me know if what i think BTW means or have i got it wrong again in my head. take care speak to you soon my friend from your friend Always Alan xxxx

  • Hi Alan BTW means by the way don't know what you were thinking!Most people do see the real me ~its when I'm by myself the Anxiety and panic takes over and I over think things!

    Well I'm def going out today its lovely and sunny so gonna take advantage and pop to the shops!

    Hope today is a better day for you!

    (I better not use any more text talk to you lol laugh out loud that means

    Take care


  • hi Kath no its fine i'm just having trouble thinking what it means when people BTW or like someone put pm i was thinking what's pm and it turned out to be private message, i'm sorry i'm just having a rough time in all areas of my life at the moment, please you be yourself i wouldn't want you to change just because my problem are getting worse. at one time of day i was a sharpe as a knife my i'm like a dead battery flat, can't understand sometimes what people are saying. i know i've upset a friend on here because what she wrote i didn't understand what she meant and i've not heard from her since, even though i've sent many apologies i've not heard from her, and that broken my heart to think that i've upset because, i just don't seam to understand sometimes what people are saying. your a lovely person just be yourself and if i have to ask what something means please don't be offened if i have to ask you what something means take care my friend big hug n kiss n apologies your friend always Alan xxxx

  • Hey Alan no worries you just didn't understand that's all no big deal!BTW can also mean back to work! You should get in contact with your friend and let her know how you are feeling and meant no harm in whatever you said!No one in this world is perfect!

    When you suffer with Anxiety you can over think things so much it can drive you crazy! And when you spend time alone makes it worse!

    You are obviously well thought of on this site `~look how many people follow you!

    Keep in contact with your pals on here and just chat in general!

    Well not long before kettle on for a cuppa!

    Went to shops today and bought a pair of slippers in sale for £4 (I have such small feet only size 3) then bought battery toothbrush for my youngest son (I have 2 sons oldest lives with his partner and two little boys) some cats milk and before you know it I'd spent £25 and I only went for a look out!

    Take care +get in touch with your friend to sort things out!

    Kath;-) ;-)

  • hi Kath many thanks for your reply. i've tried to contact her but without reply, i've sent her loads of apologies but still heard for my i've had a very bad day had to go back to bed i was feeling that bad, but i'm up now just answering my posts and just put a prescription for some tablets that i forgot to order last week, its o.k i've just made next weeks tablets up so i don't forget any, i'm hoping if to get out tomorrow just for a drive and clear the cobwebs between my ears out. many thanks Kath for your loving support, your a diamond is what you are take care speak to you tomorrow big hug n kiss n cuddle just for you from your friend always Alan xxxxxx

  • Hi Alan have sent you a message on your profile site let me know you get it OK,,~just thought there was so many on this page!


  • hi Kath yes you have me, hope your ok speak to you soon big hug n kiss just for you Alan xxxx

  • Hello Alan

    Glad all went well


  • hi Bob i'm glad it's all over and i'm a bit sore in my stomach but alive and nearly ok, just rest up now and take it easy many thanks for your concern Alan

  • Well Alan

    At least you can rest over the Christmas Season, hope you will be ok to enjoy your Christmas Dinner.


  • hi Bob just to let you know i haven't celebrated Christmas now for some 20 years and with being on my own what have i so celebrate, but many thanks for your concerns and greeting some to you my friend Alan

  • Get well soon.xx

  • hi there its nice to meet you and thank you for your post, that something i will be doing from now on just resting and getting my stomach back to normal take care i'm Alan hopefully speak to you again xxxx

  • Hi Alan,

    I am very pleased to hear that you are OK. It sounds awful to go through that.

    I hope you will be feeling better soon.

    Hugs from Soo.

  • hi there its the second time in my life i've come to losing it, but so grateful that i'm still here, thank you for you lovely words and kind post, take care yourself and have a hug from me to you Alan xx

  • Hello Alan, hope you are feeling better this morning, must have given you a scare. But good job you did deal with it immediately. Heres to a speedy recovery and enjoy your Christmas xxx

  • hi Katie many thanks for your reply, i feel a bit better still sore in the stomach dept but i'm getting there as for Christmas that something i've got nothing to celebrate for or with, i'm on my own so i don't bother, but thank you for your lovely greeting, i hope you have a nice time, and look forward to having a chat over next couple of weeks and all next year as well take care your friend Alan xxxx

  • Well Alan, you will find many on here who are alone at Christmas and other celebrations. I am a widow so know the feeling, fortunately I have a group of friends and a grown up family which keeps me busy. But I also am on the committee of two groups which keeps me busy except at Christmas time because we are volunteers we have a long break as people have other things to do and places to go. So I can give more time on here need to as I twisted my knee just to add to the arthritic pain I already have. Not having much fun between us are we ? :) :)

  • hi Katie no were a right part i'm glad your life is busy and you have family and friends that help and support you, its more than i have but at least i have loads of friends on this site that are with me even if only on this site, that's good enough for me, hope you knee gets better and hope this next two weeks you can recover take care your friend always for life not just for christmas Alan sorry i've always wanted to say that xx

  • I was wondering if it was you. I'm terrible at names. I'm so pleased to hear its resolved. I'm sure they already gave you discharged advise. One more thing you can do, is add SOFT dried prunes to your daily diet. I cant recall if you're diabetic. If so, then brand flakes or weetabix. You also need to never leave the house without a bottle of fluid. Drink all the time. Just be aware of where al toilets are to pee! :) Hope boxing day is beeing more peacefull.


  • hi the Ann yes it is me i'm Alan and like you i'm terrible not only with names but with words that are sorted like BTW a friend sent me that in a post and i've had to has her what it meant. i'm diabetic and yes the hospital have given me loads of stuff some i know about and lots i didn't, the problem at the moment is not from around the front door dept, its the rear end i'm have trouble with and that's what caused my to be rushed into hospital last friday, as for drinks i always carry some fluid with me wherever i go and i know where all toilets are, many thanks for your greeting, just to let you know i've got nothing to celebrate Christmas for and with so for me its just any day of the week, i've been divorced for 14 years and still single, i hope your holidays your having fun speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Hi. I'm pleased you're home. Hospital is so depressing.

    Fluids help with that problem too. As dehydration worsted it. Something many forget.

    Senna is a natural bulker.

    Lactose, available in sugar free, I'd a softener. Taken daily, both. Whichever you need.

    Little trick. Insist with your GP for some glycerine suppository. I don't know why they never think of it. There's also the squeeze type. You should have everything at home , should it rear it's head again.

    I'm on massive amount of meds. And as you know painkiller is a pain with side effects.

    There also apps that tell you the value of fibre in fruits and veg. Worth having as there's se surprises normally.

    If you pay for prescription, senna is available in £1 shops. Check for EU approved.

    Hope you're back to your self soon.

    Happy New Year (?) If you celebrate it. Even if you don't, it's nice to see friends and do something special. I'll have my only roast lamb leg in a year for new year. I realise the relativity of these celebrations. Bit it's an excuse to value each other. 14 yrs is a long time ago. Unless you are still grieving over it. You deserve love and friendship like anyone else. It is part of our psychological make up. Hope you find it.


  • hi Ann i hope your name is Ann anyway many thanks for your loving words, i'm let you one a lot of medication because i'm diabetic i get my prescription free. the doctors at the hospital and my own doctor have given me plenty of thing to easy my problem and i'm always drinking so there's no chance of me dehydrating because like i say i drink plenty, as for new year to me its just the same, i know i've been on my own now for 14 years i can say i'm not pining for what i lost, i got over that years ago, only if you know what i went though, its because i'm now registered disabled and all the friends i used to help me have disappeared its just me, myself and i. the only TRUE friends i have are on these site and that's why for celebrating Christmas and new year for what and with whom. when i say i'm on my own that's what i mean, i have animals a cat and four guinea pigs for company, but only you dear friends on here have i got. so take care enjoy yourself speak to you soon your friend always Alan xx

  • Yes, I know what youesn. Lost most of my friends when I developed depression. Then dissabled. The few left work full time, kids ect. I have a carer come friend. And her partner that helps. Most time, even if they are here, and chatting to each other in their language whilts she cooks, I'm in the front room, I feel even more isolated. Nothing perfect. Yes, you have friends here. Maybe if we're geographically close, we can make a group meeting sometimes. Or you can, if we're not. I'm thinking of that when I'm better. Would be nice putting a face to names. And no, not Ann. ANNUNNAKI is an angelic related. Screen name, I love. The first ever love story of angels who chose humans rather than heaven. Some cultures made them evil, unfortunately. We don't have black vs white concepts in eastern traditions. Cue eerie music ;)

    Animals are a blessing. Dogs are amazing for our situation. Unfortunately I am not allowed here.

    Talk soon.


  • hi Ann i'm glad you have people that comes in to care for you, i don't get any care from anyone, i've tried getting someone to help with my needs but the council says i don't need them i can managed on my own, one thing your right about i love meeting new people like i've done on this site and i try to imagine what they look like, i've had a couple that have sent a picture to me and i've done the same, i live in Worksop nottinghamshire and have a car that can travel around this country as i used to be an HGV driver before illness struck to i can and no where a lot of places are and can find if need to, the only thing that's still good in me is i now how and where to go if needed. so hope you o.k today speak to you soon take care your friend Always Alan xx

  • Oh Lord. That's far. I'm in East London. Well if you ever come other here, contact me.

    Don't do pictures of myself. Sorry. Dark short hair, Indian skin. Franco- Indian ethnicity. Brown eyes.

    The NHS don't understand spectrum in anything with assessment. You have to portray yourself at your worst. I advice people stop painkillers before assessment so they can see you at your worst. There's little point otherwise. It's like when you score pain. You always say your worst.

    Pm me if you need help. I was a health professional so understand a bit about their assessment and what they look for.


  • wow Ann i would love to see a picture of you, whilst i was reading this my heart started to go fast, i bet your very beautiful and gorgeous and you don't like pictures of yourself, where in East London do you live i know London very well spent many happy hours in London's traffic, anyway its not far from here to London what about 2 1/2 hours it took me just a couple of months ago when i get my new car and i went to redbridge in London, i would love to come down to see you. what can i say about me well i'm 6ft 3inches tall 21 stone 10lb very short brown/grey hair, i'm 48 years old been divorced now for 14 years it will be 15 in june 16 i'm registered disabled so no running or mountain climbing. only joking got all on walking, i'm half welsh from my dad side and from my mum's sides from Spain try and work that out. if i know i'm coming your way i would love to meet you even if i make just a day trip it would be worth to see your beautiful looks take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xxxx

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