stomach pain and pressure

just got up from normal sleep after lunch except that I have not had any lunch or sleep.crying cos thoughts of it beign something serious and that gp has dismissed it for so long.pressure on my stomach and bladder(?) and all the other signs I have lead me to believe it is more than just recent diagnoses which I read in the article I posted about n fibro forum can all be signs of Ovarian cancer.i am not convinced by doctors as they dont accept what I tell them and if it wasn't for the support of my forum friends and the need to be here for my dogs I don't think I would be.i am so scared I wont be around for my dogs who need me to care for them.i cant possibly think of them having to go back to kennels for rehoming as i know how stressful kennels can be for them and them not understanding or knowing why they are is so traumatic for all the dogs in kennels and rescue centres.i would want to rehome them all.

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  • The only thing I can suggest if you think your GP is fobbing you off, is to get a second opinion from another GP or switch GPs.

  • My gp is good and I don't want to change I do want to resolve issues.

  • Sorry you are still having problems. I recall a few months back you were going to see a Gynaecologist privately what did he /she say aboutvyour abdominal pains?

  • Hi p1pp1ns.yes I did see one btu I cannot recall what was said.tho they did do an ultrasound scan on my ovaries .my pelvic pain has got worse since then and I still don't see how my weight gain of 3 stone in my abdomen is not anything to be concerned about.

  • Your GP will have a letter from gynae by now. Make an appointment to see him and ask him to go through the letter with you.

  • Take someone with you when you go back to see your GP.

    Pat x

  • thanks fro your advice guys.

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