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Trochanteric Bursitis

I posted last week about being diagnosed with greater trochanteric bursitis. I had an ultrasound which was 3.5 (0.2-4). I don't know if anyone understands this as I failed to ask. It was classified as normal and that my hip pain was related to my back. I found this depressing as yet again my back was the route of the trouble. Anyone know anything about this.

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Hello Essie49

I remeber listening to your post and wondering if it might actually be your hip joint itself? The reason I say that is almost 6 yrs ago David had the same diagnosis as you. Far too young to be his hip therefore must be burcitis. After it was proved that was wrong he then had...oh it is your spinal injury.

Fortinately he had an excellent surgeon and pain consultant who over the nest 4 yrs did every test they could.

He had a theraputic diagnostic injection which, if it worked, would prove it was burcitis. If not likely to be his hip.

This was in his right leg which had carried him for almost 30 yrs doing all the work and turned out to have woen out.

As I said this took many years to diagnose due to his age and possibility of major surgery with all the problems that would entail.

Just 12 months ago he had the hip replacement and from the moment the anesthetic wore off NO pain. The surgeon did have the good grace to admit his hip was far worse than initially thoght due to being hidden from scans.

So....maybe try down that route. of course no surgeon wants to replace any joint too soon as it only has a lifetime of approx 15 yrs!

Hope this might be of some use

Pat x


Thanks for your reply Paton. We do seem to have to jump through hoops to get the right diagnosis. I'm so pleased David is pain free. I haven't had an X-ray of my hip. I will discuss it with the physio at my next visit. I know I will eventually have a knee replacement but due to my age want to leave it as long as possible


It does seem like an uphill battle but can understad the need to be absolutely ceratin - replacement hip is major surgery even for a fit person. When someone has chonic pain from spinal injurie s they do have to be so careful not to make those any worse - if that;s possible.

In David's case the pain consultant was also the anesthetist so noo one knew him better.

With his left side having little feeling the op on right hip had the potential to make him fall over! Ge just didn't have a 3rd leg!

Of course learning to walk correctly again after so many years caused other problems bt his message to thing he ever had done!

Now if they can sort out his spine, lower legs, shoulders, neck......if only.

Let me know how you do.

Pat x

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