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So frustrated and really fed up of it all

Just a little back ground DDD so joint pain and numbness and tingling in feet?toes legs hands fingers writs

Saw a specialist today alone with others watching and taking notes said I have slight foot dropped which I knew about from the last specailst he said it was noticeably and this specailst said it was slight I was told I have PN by the hand by the hand specialist and not CTS yet This new specialist says it is ??? They want to know what drugs I was taking for myoclonus I said dopamine 8 pills a day can you remember the colour of the drugs ? No this was 2004 I don't remember things from last week

The only good thing about the whole thing was I'm having to see a pain clinc why do specailst keep questionsing what others have said and diagnose it seems that they don't know I waited over 2 hours to see him we will give you some nerve test to see what's going on I was hoping I would get that today as the same test on me as before

also told one drug I take was dangerous for me to take ????? Yet my GP gave it too me prochlorperazine I walked out thinking I still Ian not I the dark over my health I was told my back was fine nothing wrong with it yet I can't bend over anymore without pain .

Iam really do I feel like crying

Sorry for the long post


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Sorry ELL, I don't know what PN or CTS are but I wondered if some or all of your pain could be caused by tight muscles, guarding your vertebrae? This can also cause tingling and may not show up on scans.


PN is peripheral neurophathy

CTS is carpal tunnel syndrome


Have you had a full series of blood tests done? It is normal to get nerve conduction studies and a possible biopsy. It is looking for damage of the different nerve lengths. The blood test look for immune problems that could be causing the damage.

It does take time. I'm also waiting to find out!


had blood test all came back clear having more done this week


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