Fractured elbow

So o went to the doctor the other day because my elbow was swollen and it hurt after I fell off my bike. I got an X-ray done and it said I had a fracture in my right elbow. I went to the orthopedic the next day to either get a cast of splint, and my doctor said that he couldn't really see the fracture, and that he's not going to do anything about it. Before that he made me do some movements with my arm, like straighten it, that I couldn't do. He said I was fine, and that I should care about what happened. I don't know if I should go to another doctor to get it re checked if not, because my elbow is still bruised and swollen, and I still can't move it

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  • Very bih ow.

    When you say your Doctor couldn't see the fracture - did you mean the orthopedic Doctor?

    Breaks in the elbow are very difficult to treat. Maybe if it is a hairline fracture it is best left to heal itself. ( My brother fell off his bike and had a cage built round the frature which was a bad one. Took months for the bones to set and heal.)

    It will be very painful and swollen - it is your bodies way of protecting the area.

    I would go back to who ever you spoke with and ask if you should have a sling, or rest it or what.


  • When i say doctor, yes I mean the orthopedic. Thank you.

  • In the meantime frozen peas will help with the pain and swelling. Not recommended to eat after though!

    If no pain relief prescribed check with your ppharmacis as to what he suggests.

    Good Luck


  • Thanks

  • I think now it could just he a hairline fracture, but I'm thinking why would the people who took the X-ray send me to the orthopedics, if it is just a hairline fracture. Do you agree, of not? I would like to get feedback, so I can know what to do in future

  • Radiology who take the X rays are not allowed to give you the results. These can oly be done by the relevant consultant. All radiology do is check the images are there ready to pass on.

    The orthopedic is the expert and he says there is no fracture then there is no fracture.

    He should however had given you some advice as to whether you can use it, wait a few days or what. He should also have suggested some pain relief.

    Unless you are planning on throwing yourself from you bile again there is no point in speculating as o what you should do in the future.

    Deal with the injury as, when or if it happens.

    Meantime ask your pharmacy for some pain relief and if your arm hurts - don't use it


  • I'm just confused, because the person on the phone who made the appointment for the orthopedic stayed there was a fracture. But I guess I should actually talk to the doctor to confirm, instead of just procrastinating. Thanks for all the help

  • Always here to help if we can.

    Whoever was on the phone making the apt?


  • If it continues to be sore, swollen and limited movement I would get a second opinion. I'm no expert but I can imagine even a hairline fracture in a bone can be painful. If you are worried it's best to have your mind put to rest. Thats what I would do. Hope it helps. Take care.

  • Twas me suggesting it might have been the hair line before I realisedspecialist said no.

    Pat x

  • Not all fractures need a cast or splint, so don't worry about that. Let the swelling go down before you seek more medical help, because that will be causing a lot of the stiffness. If pain gets worse or if it swells more, then go back and get it checked again.

  • Hi Sarah you were sent to the orthopaedic doctor because he specialises in bones not just the broken kind. If you were sent by the doctor in A+E and you were not placed in a cast before your appointment it is highly unlikely you need one , the ortho Doctor would be reviewing your x-Ray because if there is a small hairline fracture the ortho doc will treat it or not, thats why you were sent. If you needed a cast then further appointments would have been given, that's good news . The doc may of given you information sometimes in situations like these we only take on a small amount of information given to us and we miss the rest. With your injury and the swelling maybe try pain medications so you can move your arm daily like paracetamol and ibuprofen and use it as much as you can . The swelling and pain can takes weeks to settle down it won't heal within a few days . Injuries heal better with a good blood supply and if you don't use it it'll take longer to get better . Stay off the bike for a while .

  • My son fractured his elbow when he was about 6.

    lt was diagnosed as a fracture and was told it was of a kind that they didn`t put a cast on.

    lt was swollen massively and hurt like hell.

    Took ages for the pain and swelling to subside.

    lf it goes hot, red and painful return to the A&E. l hope you feel better soon.

  • Need some more information here. There is a difference between muscle responses below and above 30.

    Your approach depends whether you are entitled to free medical care or not.

    I would have concerns about possible jarring to the neck. If you fell off your bike and hit the elbow hard enough to have problems the impact forces could have travelled back into the neck and caused bruising there. The swelling of the tissue would provide nerve compression which would interfere with arm movement.

    Hope this helps

  • I broke my elbow in May it was just put in a wrist sling. It's not properly healed yet. Depending how I use my arm sometimes I get excruciating pains down my forearm. I have a therapist who has given me exercise,s to do

  • Good advice from Paton, as an Elbow # girl. I had mine plastered the, huge cast from my armpit to the knuckles on my hand, was heavy and cumbersome. They do not plaster # elbows any more unless it's unstable. The legacy of the cast for me was an elbow so stiff it took months to get working properly. They don't recommend slings because of the strain on the shoulder joint which can cause frozen shoulder, as you lift the shoulder to protect your neck ! My advice would be ice it, take pain killers and anti inflammatory's rest it on a pillow when you are sat down and at night. Hang your arm down straight so the muscles in your arm don't tighten and shorten. If it is giving you more pain than over the counter pain killers can deal with go and see your G.P as he will have an arsenal of things he can prescribe you. I hope things improve for you, fractures take a minimum of 6 weeks to mend, and that is only the bones, soft tissues and tendons and ligaments can take far more than that.

  • I broke my elbow at the beginning of Nov. I was still having a few problems with it and my arm doesn't look right so doctor send me for an Xray and it's come back that it's not even healed what will happen next? Will I end up having a plaster on it or will I end up having it pinned

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