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Pain pain go away!

Hi there I have chronic nerve pain in my rib cage (intercostal muslce ) for the past 9 years as a result of a car crash. I have been on a ridiculous amounts of medication ie. Morphine ( tablets and patches ) ketamine, lyrica, etc etc. I have also had numerous procedures and treatments done. I get botox injections and this really helps me however it has worn off and I have been prescribed palexia 50mg every 4-6 hours until I can get the procedure done again.

I am really struggling with the side effects of this I feel so sick, dizzy and constantly out of it. Does this wear off????

I am really trying my best to hold down a full time job and raise my incredible 3 year old daughter, however I feel that my condition just takes hold of my life entirely to the extent that all I think about is pain!!

I would really appreciate if anyone has any advice.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? ? ?

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Hi. I'm very sorry for you!!! Yes I have also got "Chronic Pain" I had to leave work a few years ago now for the problems I had with my "Memory" I have been on Pregabiline, Morpine Patches, Amitriptyline, Amantadine on full doses for some time now with very little effect now really.

I was given a stronger patch the try, but it blow my head off. It was like being a"druge" so I have come off them. I have been referred for some "Deep Brain Stimulation" but the "NHS" won't Fund it (Great)

I have been to a few hospitals here in Birmingham. I have also been to hospital in Oxford for the "DBS" Treatment but the "NHS" still won't fund it. I'm now at a hospital in Liverpool but the "NHS" still won't fund it !!!!!!!! "Great"

So I'm now bed/housebound trying to control the Pain !!!!!!

Please let me know.if I can help you further !!!



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