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Pain go away


I have ostoproisis in my spine I'm 37 Iv been on everything apart from strong opioids I'm in pain all the time I'm at my gp every week Iv had everything I feel let down by modern medicine

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Sorry to hear you aren't getting any joy from your GP. Is there a specialist osteoporosis clinic at your local hospital? You might want to ask your GP if its worth being referred to an osteoporosis specialist if the GP has run out of suggestions to help. Also, you might want to join the National Osteoporosis Society ( - they seem to have a lot of help and support available, but at the least they will understand what you are going through.

Thanks I will ask him today

Have you tried morphine slow release patches?

He doesn't want me to go on morpine just now because he says by the time I'm 40 I will be on huge amounts

Hi there! I am 49 and like you have severe osteoporosis. I found out 18 months ago after suffering a spontaneous (no trauma, just happened!) fracture to my sacrum at the bottom of my spine. The pain was excruciating and has left me with nerve damage which is irreparable and never ending. I have had to leave my career as a teacher and now have to crutches and a wheelchair to get around. It's not been fun I can tell you 😓 I wondered if you had been referred to a rheumatologist, they are the specialists in osteoporosis and mine is lovely. It's a long road ahead but he's very supportive and has tried lots of different drugs to help me. I also go to my local Pain Management clinic which has also been great. The NOS is a great support too, they have a telephone helpline that you can ring to get help, advice and also just to moan and let off some steam. There may well be a support group in your area too. I went to one meeting and whilst it was full of slightly older ladies, I really did find it useful and good to just chat with others in my position. My GP is supportive but many doctors do not believe that osteoporosis causes pain so you need to be assertive and make sure that you keep a pain diary to show exactly how this pain affects you.

Hope you find some help and support soon, being younger with osteoporosis is tricky and lonely, the number of doctors who keep saying to me 'Oooh, you're really young for this, your bones are like an 80 year old' is a real pain sometimes! Best of luck 👍🏻

If you could find a good homeopath who is also a medically trained (GP).. I'm sure you could get help for this.

The one I used to see here in Essex has retired now otherwise I'd be going myself!


Stay away from opoids .. I was addicted to them .. I grit my teeth through my pain now rather then be spaced out. Tiring it is but a small price to pay for keeping ones sanity I guess.

I worry a lot about that

Satsuma in reply to Satsuma

I have also tried the morphone patches Fentanyl .. Oh my word a nightmare too .. Sweating on them was profuse for me. I have tried a wide array of drugs prior to the opiates.

I have tried everything apart from strong opiates

Pain can be caused by muscle behaviour. Your need to see specialists who work with muscle behaviour to investigate this.

Specialists would include: Alexander Teachers, Masseurs, McTimony Chiropractors, Sports Therapists and Yoga Teachers to name a few. I have left out physiotherapists because they tend to be one size fits all which is not a helpful approach for many suffering chronic pain.

Hope this helps

The doctor thinks I have crushed veterbay I have to go pain clinic he says there is nothing he can do for me I have been on everything apart from strong opioids

😢 I hope you don't have to wait long and something positive comes of it.

The pain clinic probably just mess you about as well I don't see a way out my doctor said there is nothing he can do I just want my life back

I totally understand. Pain is very, very demanding, you just want it to stop.

Im staggered as I went to new GP this morning with ongoing sciatic nerve coccyx pain, been waiting months for physio. I fell down the stairs about 10 days ago and it's been worse. Anyway hadn't been home 2 hrs and the hospital physio rang. Thankful to the GP, but line you say, you get messed around by different departments but I do truly hope and pray you get some relief somehow.

You should try for the pain clinic it's probably your best chance for a better life good luck

Ask to go to Kingston Pain Clinic. They have an Alexander Teacher there.

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