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Chest Pain. Popping in chest. It just won't go away.


I feel like I am starting to annoy people on here sometimes, but it's not my fault that I am a constant worrying.. Blame anxiety for that. Anwho:

Okay for the past couple weeks I have been having really bad chest pain. I have told my doctor about it and she said it's just my anxiety. Okay so I figured it was because my anxiety but as time went on I realized it was slowly getting worse. I have went to the hospital aboutA month ago for a personal problem. I have had a breathing treatment, chest X-ray, and a ECG done. My ECG was normal, there is no sign of a clot or nothing. my chest x-ray was also normal as well. After I eat a meal my chest really starts to hurt. So then I thought to myself maybe it's my GERD...just continue to hurt as much as it did when I ate something.

But tonight I have felt a pop in my chest. It was on the left side around where my heart would be. It honestly scared the crap out of me. I do get the symptoms like as if I'm having a heart attack but in reality I'm not because my left arm has carpal tunnel and tendinitis pluses my left arm will start to hurt due to my anxiety. But I was told I will know if I was having a heart attack. After that pop hey did feel more pain than usual but then it slowly went away. I thought I pulled another muscle in my chest or something.

Any ideas of what this could be. I refuse to look it up on the Internet because knowing the Internet it will give me some crack that will make my anxiety go up and I'll have another attack. I have been doing good at keeping my attacks under control so I really don't want to have another one.


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You could have inflammation between the breast bone and rubs where they join

Your stomach is higher up than you think. It was probably wind.

It may well be pain from the ligaments between your ribs and sternum which can be incredibly painful or perhaps because you have anxiety you are getting extra heartbeats which are totally safe but can be very forceful and frightening.

However I did read an article (and I cannot remember where) of someone doing research and asking for people to get in touch if they had been sent to hospital because of suspected heart attack which was in fact FB, so you must not be the only one experiencing this.

A popping sound on the left side of the chest near the breastbone can occur in costochondritis - a pretty common inflammation of the joints between the cartilaginous and bony parts of the ribs.

This post sounds like what i'm going through. Since the Summer i've been having chest pains/discomfort. The more I focus on it the worse it gets. When i'm distracted/busy/out...I feel fine. I went to the ER. The took me immediately for an EKG and chest xray, both were normal. They also did blood work to check for signs of a clot. All normal. They diagnosed it as costchondritis. That can be treated with motrin or advil ( which i'm not great about taking all the time). When I was first diagnosed, I was able to relax about it but then I would be getting weird pains in the middle of the night and freaking myself out. I have a heard time believing that pains in my chest aren't related to my heart, but I read that it commonly can be. I have horrible health anxiety. I'm 37 and lost my dad suddenly when I was 23 and he was only 51. He had a long history of heart related issues, but i'm convinced the same will happen to me. I also lost an aunt (my dad's sister) to a massive heart attack when she was in her 60's. I'm told my many doctors that i'm healthy, so why don't I believe them. Anyway, sorry for the vent but I can relate and it's no fun.

Reynna in reply to Tma621

I was in an accident to three months ago they told me I had a fractured rib contusion and abrasions now I have this pain in my chest and my chest pops can anyone tell me what this is

Search precordial catch syndrome. I also suffer from anxiety and my chest pains trigger attacks as does googling my symptoms. PCS is not life threatening, it is painful but knowing that it is not dangerous has really helped my anxiety.

I have had an urge / ability to pop my breast bone lately. Like when your knuckles lock up and need cracking. Not sure what is causing it. I was told I have high RA factors but nothing serious... yet.

Not sure if any of you all have had labs ran but anyone on here suffering from heart issues should be tested for possible thyroid and pituitary issues.

I recently found out I was hypothyroid (as opposed to hyperthoid). The symptoms are many... infact over 800 to date and they vary person to person. I had been tested several times in fact that the tests were "false positives".... I moved and got a new doctor and upon my intake he suggested a full panel and had a hunch what my problems were. Among the many symptoms for me: balding... started in my 20's, VERY forgetful, enlarged liver, weight gain that would NOT stop, puffy face, AND a *fantastic * low blood pressure.... lol (there is no set level for TOO low so doctors see your low pressure and get happy... but I had frequent fainting and dizzy spells and could not get over 110 pushing myself during a workout.)

On the opposite hand.... I have known two people with Hyperthyroidism. Anxiety, insomnia, sweat, anger, some with bulging eyes (muscles in the eye sockets are swollen) blood pressure and heart palpitations. Feeling as if you are always running a marathon...

Make sure you get a FULL blood panel ran. Most doctors DO NOT. They think they can tell all by check one hormone level but they need to check ALL of them.


i can suggest some home remedies like relaxing massage, heat and/or ice packs, Cough medicine and the best is acupuncture. If it remains after those remedies then you should check with you doctor. And I want to suggest to read this helpful article:


I was recently in an accident and they told me I had a fractured rib now I'm having chest pains with popping can anyone tell me what this is

I have the same condition, it usually is Texidor's Twinge which is what I have. Localized pain in the left side of the chest usually feeling under the heart also called PCS. It's a popping sensation. It's not fatal, ibuprofen usually knocks it right out.


Just reading your comments and wondered if you has pain in your shoulders or breasts ? I was diagnosed at the hospital the other day after pain all night in my left side of my chest with popping. I think this is the 2nd time its happened to me but just wondered how you got on ?

Oh yes I have pain in my breast and I am a woman. My arm as well. My hand even. Shoulder as well. It feels inflamed. Like a burning pain. All the way up to my hands.

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