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A rant

I am so so sick of waiting. I am so so sick of hypermobility syndrome. My knee hurts because I'm favoring that foot because my other foot is so so painful. My appointment with the surgeon today, on my birthday(!), was a complete waste of time because they haven't got the report from the bone scan yet. Why couldn't they tell me that over the phone?!? And rebook?! So I've been rebooked for three weeks time so then they will decide whether to give me injections for plantar fasciitis (that I really don't think I have!!!! As the symptoms don't fit the criteria at all)!! It's so frustrating.

Surgeon says the pain isn't mechanical, even tho I have severe chronic flexible flat feet. And I have shooting pain up my ankle. And it's not worse in the morning, it's much worse after walking.

So I've finished ranting. Thanks for listening. I'm so frustrated. Chronic pain is so s*** I'm so so fed up with it.

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Hello BOB Here

Sadly it is one of those things I suppose with the Christmas the results have been put to one side and will most probably be waiting for you in a week or two time, I suppose what you could do is have words with the Specialists Secretary and find out if the results are there for just after New Year, it may be possible to get a cancellation if the results get that time, you may be able to shorten the wait.

This time of the years a real bitch as the labs and Xray departments end up a little behind with their results.

Good Luck



Hi Bob,Happy Birthday. Glad you had a rant and hope you will get something positive soon.x


Are you being seen by a rheumatologist? I can't quite see why hypermobility would be a surgeon's speciality. Rheumatologists are well used to seeing people with plantar fasciitis too, as its really common in ankylosing spondylitis and other spondyloarthopathies.


Rheumatologist sent me to a surgeon! Because rhuematologist thought it needed surgery, and didn't think it was plantar facitis. Podiatrist doesn't think it is either. Surgeon originally said I may need a calcaneal osteotemy (heel bone cut and realigned but seems to have changed his mind.


I don't know if this helps but I have chronic central pain (all over) and because my lumbar sacral nerves, which feed the feet and legs, don't fire properly, my feet went flat, much more painful after walking. It became a choice between a calcanael osteotomy or using a wheelchair. I have also been using orthotics in my shoes, and only trekking shoes (firmer than trainers, I recommend Salomon), either custom made or more recently off the shelf but still prescribed by someone fully trained in biomechanics and podiatry who looks at all of your biomechanics. I would not still be walking without them and I wonder if they might help you? I made a good recovery from surgery and the ankle pain has gone. Still in trekking shoes and orthotics, always will be, never walk barefoot. I to am hyper mobile but don't really understand this, I was told it commonly leads to chronic pain. Information gratefully received. Wishing you very good luck I do hope they sort you out with no more trouble.


Thanks for sharing your experiences. Google hypermobility syndrome association. Lots of info there to help with hypermobility syndrome. You can be hypermobile without the pain, therefore it wouldn't be the syndrome- the difference is hypermobile with pain in three or more joints for more than three months. There's other symptoms too. Have a look at the website. In glad the osteotemy was a success, v drastic operation. In hoping I won't need it. What was the length of recovery? Did you use crutches? I couldn't as I have problems with wrists and shoulders too. Perhaps a walking cast?


Hey always good to get it off your chest, wishing you a more comfortable 2014


Living with chronic pain sucks no matter which way you look at it. Hang in there, its so frustrating waiting for appointments. Try to stay positive and good luck to you.


Hi Rowantree,

Am so sad you are having such problems,what Bob says makes a lot of sense, do hope you get some satisfaction soon.

Lots of love,

Chrissy x


So.. Now... I have four different things wrong with my feet! Surgeon will treat one of them ... In three months time! ... What happened to the 18 week wait.. From referral to treatment! That's not happening!

And my thumb... Well that's another thing altogether...

Waiting is almost as bad as being in constant pain!


Came across my own post when I was looking up heel osteotomy! Thought i may as well turn it into an update so.. I had the plantar fasciitis injection 3 weeks ago which hasn't made any difference at all! I'm not surprised. Surgeon also took metalwork out of my bunion toe as it was causing pain, and removed a bit of bone off the top of the other foot (saddlebone deformity-apparently quite common in HMS). Going back for check up with surgeon in few weeks. Still thinking I may need the drastic heel surgery. Using crutches is helping, at least my feet, although my knees and shoulder is complaining.


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