feel like am 100 fibromyalgia

hi am chez am 33 am from rhyl north wales .a good few years ago aprox 13 years ago I started getting achy painful pains in my hands I went to see my doctor I told him that I was told it may be mild form of arthritis he told me I was to young for arthritis I was about 20 then at the time I had just found out I was pregnant with my 2nd son so he gave me nurofen which when I read leaflet said not to take when pregnant so safe to say I changed my doctors surgery .

anyway years went bad and the pains in my hands became the norm and I was use to them I knew they were there but I barely flinched at them then 5 years ago my brother passed away and couple years later I started suffering with chronic knee pains I thought was because id been on a bike for 1stime in years even though I only went around the block which litrally took 10 minutes so I went doctors and he gave me tramadol they were horrific made me so ill anyway the doctor tried tell me id fallen and sprayed my knee I was like what both off them plus I hadn't even fallen at all he sent me for xray which funny enough came back all clear I was also referred to physiotherapy .

over the past year or so iv had more phyio seen umpteen doctors obviously all with different diagnosis seen reuthmatologist ,musclosketelo,physio,xrays,ect but still no definut diagnosis doctors are leaning towards fibromyalgia which my mum also has she has had it for years and one day I saw on her facebook status how much pain she was in this was bout year ago roughly so I sent her a inbox message saying I know how ya feel am aching all over shoulders hurt elbow joints shoulders wrists neck ankles feet knees you name it it hurts my mum said that's excactly what I get so she told me go back doctors and push it cos from the minute I told her my symptoms she said was same as hers and she thinks I have fibro too.so here I am now on pip in pain all over feeling like am 100 years old I cant even sit comfortabally without being in pain .

I cant even take kids out anywhere because I cant walk too far I have a walking stick to help me if needs be but I try not to use it because to look at I look fine so I wouldn't want anyone to judge me ,iv had that all my life I do carry it with me as it folds away. .

about 3 weeks ago my leg went on me I was stood casually printing off some colouring pics off for the kids and the next minute I got this shooting pain in my hip on my right hand side and pain straight down my leg it killed was painful I went doctors and the doctor sent me for another xray came back normal ....been trying get in doctors for appointment but its hard to even get them answer phones never mind appointment .

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  • I forgot to mention I also get pains up my spine.

  • Have you had a scan on your back. I have been diagnosed with fibro. The worst thing as the doctors can put it all down to that, and no more investigations. Shooting pain down your leg does not sound like fibro to me. See if you can have a scan.

  • To Chez33: I really am sorry about all your pain and having to go through all of this with your Dr's. I too, have pain all through my body and was diagnosed with fibrom. & Arthritis and I do have osteoporosis and scoliosis with hump on back. I do not walk with cane yet although I've had to at rare times. I've fractured my foot and now my wrist. I've had my 1st shot of Prolia which did seem to help the pain right at 1st but now it has come back stronger than ever & that was 2 months ago (for the osteoporosis) and my next shot isn't until Nov. But why I'm telling you this is there are home remedies that I have found helpful. I got crystallized ginger in the store for my nausea. Now I've found out it's also good for fibrom. so every morning I get up and slice off some ginger and make a tea from it - I let it steep for 3 min. and put organic honey in for sweetness. Look it up on your computer all the uses for ginger. You will be amazed! It does help with pain. I also use the Young Living Essential oils and I rubbed Wintergreen oil on my wrist and arm this morning because the pain was unbearable and now its better.

    I wish you all the best and don't hesitate to write me back if you want. God Bless You!

  • thankyou I will google that and have a look anything must be worth a try .

    its hard and gets ya down being in constant pain especially when ya have 5 young kids between age off 7 and 14 I cant even walk along the beach with them just too much like hard work.

    I walked to the park with them few weeks ago and it is only 10 minutes away by time I got there that was it I was done in had sit down all the time I was there then having to walk back killed me .

    I was advised by a nurse to use a walking stick if I need to so I bought one but use it hardly ever as I fear of being judged by people I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and people have a lot to say forthem selves regarding other peoples personal lives ( annoys me it does people should mind there own ) so I refuse to use my stick I was advised months ago to get one and to use it if I need too but actually got one only few weeks ago .

    the way people are puts me off if ya look fine then you are fine no one can see the invisible problems .

  • Dear Chez33: I am just the opposite - (smiles) I don't care what people think. I don't think people care as much as people think they do. People talking has no affect on me because they r not perfect themselves & if they were why r they bullying u? I would do what your Dr. says & the heck with everyone else. If they ask u a bunch of nosy questions just don't give long answers. People that r nosy have no right to know your business because if they were true friends then they would be sticking up for you not against you. I've lived in small towns too. Just be yourself and don't let others dictate to you what you do by their bad behaviour. Stand up for the good and when people see you not caring what others think then others will follow you. Be a leader instead of a follower is all I'm saying. You risk nothing by just being your sweet self. Let him who hath no sin throw the first stone......John 8 vs 7. Prayer works for pain too...Do you belong to a church? When you r hurting real bad which might even be every day just call out to Jesus - and say "help me, Jesus" and you might be pleasantly surprised. Having faith and trust in our Lord affects every part of your life. What have you got to lose? Take care....

  • Hi again, I just reread your post, you have five children! You deserve a medal for getting on with life as much as you do, Use your stick and stuff what anyone else thinks, your the one that matters. Think your amazing girl! Lyzzie.

  • Hi Chezdezres, you poor thing, your not having a lot of luck are you! It just shows that a good GP is essential if hard to find. Why did your doctor start you on something like Tramadol, I take tramadol but only after years of Co-dydramol at different strengths, and they are good pain killers but you do get used to them and need a high dose, and Tramadol is quite strong to say the least. Saying you were too young to have arthritis is the daftest thing I've ever heard, I was diagnosed with Arthritis when I was only a child, have they never heard of Juvenile Arthritis? Dont be afraid to tell doctors what you think of their opinions, they arn't God, and just because they have done training etc., does not make them better than you. I had a consultant once tell me "I didnt look after myself, so why should he bother" I can assure you he got more than he bargained for, he had a reputation for being sarcastic and nasty, I think I shocked him, the nurse in the room was standing behind him and laughing, maybe he was a bit kinder to the next patient. He actually wrote to my doctor with a diagnosis when he hadnt even examined me!!, obviously wasnt going to admit the tongue lashing, may me feel better though. Take care. Lyzzie.

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