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Chest and neck pain

Hi all,

Is anybody else suffering from strange chest and neck pain? This feels more like a muscle pain since it only gets worse while opening the chest . it is worse in the mornings. They checked me for heart diseases, a lot of blood tests xrays and ultrasound but nothing came out. I have been having this for a year, it's mainly chest but most of the time accompanied by neck pain. Diclofenac relieves the pain and discomfort but doctor told me I shouldn't take it because I have poor circulation it can cause heart attack.

i am desperate to find out what this is and doctors can't really diagnose.

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Hi my partner gets chest pains nothing came bck on tests they put it Dwn to costrrinineties (not spelt right) she suffers from anxiety and panics attacks do you (only wondering) as this can cause grief to those areas


Sounds a bit like what I get with ankylosing spondylitis. That includes inflammatory pain anywhere in the spine but most often in sacroiliac joints, lumbar and cervical (neck) spine, as well as inflammation at points where cartilage or tendons join onto bone - enthesitis. Rib pain, or costochondritis is very common in AS. If you haven't seen a rheumatologist, it may be worth asking your GP if you can be referred to rule out inflammatory arthritis as a cause of your neck and rib pain.


thank you, it sounds a bt like it. I went to a rheumo but he ignored it because of my low esr and crp


This sounds like possible muscle spasms. Worth seeing a McTimony Chiropractor to deal with the possible tight ribs and the possible spasms in the neck.

An Alexander Teacher will help you with muscle problems caused by posture. Heads are quite heavy and can put a lot of strain on the neck and chest muscles if the head is not balanced on top of the spine.

Hope this helps.

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