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Hi I was wondering if someone could give me advice on where I can turn to. My gp fobs me off with tablets. He won't refer ne to get another mri scan done my last one was done in 2010. I had bulging discs on L3 L4 L5 I have siatica nerve damage and from I was born my right leg has been shorter than.left which means I limp and all my right side is where I'm have probs with. I am.currently taking alot of tablets which at 36 is wild. I can't do things with kids. Can't stand any longer than 10mins then the pain in my lower back and into my right hip is so sore. My daily tablets are palexia 200mg 1 tab 2 day, Co codamol 30/500 2tbas.4td, amitriptyline 50mg 1 2td, baclofen 20mg 1 tab 2d, tramadol 50mg sr 1 tab 2d. I think.I'm beginning to rattle. Even taking all these I'm still in pain. I have asked doctor to change my palexia tablet as I have been on it for over 2 years I think my body is immune can I ask.for a new gp or what are my rights. I have a bit of money saved up.for santa I was thinking of using it to go private get some proper answers as I'm that bad. Any advice? ??

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  • No problem changing GP or even practice.

    Also think you should ask for referral to a pain clinic so experts can look at what you are currently taking and give advise on regime.

    Certainly don't think you need to go private should be able to get what you need via NHS.

    Nb as others have stated on this site. Pain killers often don't take all pain away. Might need to look at other options such as physio, osteopath etc.

  • Thanks bevy

  • Unfortunately, sometimes .there is no answer and no amount of tests is going to change the outcome. This happens with Chronic Pain - after all the tests and physio etc, the pain remains and no obvious cause is found, then its usually down to the nerves in the body 'misfiring'. Most of us have heard of phantom limb pain - well there is nothing phantom about it. The pain is real and stems from the body thinking the initial injury is still there and so the nerves send out the 'pain signals' long after the injury has healed. This is the case with my back, and may be the case with yours too - hence why your gp is only offering medication as there is nothing else he can do. Even then, the meds dont work particularly well on this type of pain.

    That said, if that is the case then your gp should have explained it to you. And you are well within your rights to ask for a second opinion. If it is chronic pain, then you should have been offered a referral to a pain management clinic, so you can ask your doctor to make that referral for you. If he doesnt, then change your doctor . I really dont think there is any need for you to go private. The NHS is fine, although I understand your frustration. Good luck

  • Thank you jaffa7. Much appreciated. I have been to pain clinic all the doctor says is we have to get you of these tablets he doesn't agree with what my gp is giving me. He feels my lower back and sends me home and said see you in 6-9 months. I will go back again to gp thanks again

  • Changing your GP is easier than you might think. Just ask to see the Practice manager at your Surgery/ medical centre and request you need to register with another doctor at the surgery. Don't be fobbed off with you can see any doctor at the surgery. And if pos have an idea of the Doctor you want to be registered with. One more thing, don't make a complaint about the GP you are with now. Just keep the request simple.

  • Thanks Rosepetal60. Oh god no I definitely would not make a complain against him.

  • You can check online about other surgeries in your area. Sorry I haven't got the details. But don't think it's difficult to find. And it gives various statements such as excellent, good, acceptable, poor etc.

    Again it was easier than I expected to change surgeries some years back.

  • GPS can't usually refer direct for MRIs anyway. If you have been under the care of a specialist for your back pain in the past, the best thing would be to ask to be referred back for a review if you think things have got substantially worse.

  • Thank you earthwitch I am.going to go to gp on Monday x

  • As others have suggested, change your GP. If you get no joy from doing that then change practice. Do a bit of research on your local practices and see if any of the doctors specialise in pain management. I have to say that sounds like a pretty poor response from the Pain Management Clinic. Ask to be re-referred and to see a different specialist/consultant. You have the right to choose your GP and I imagine this extends to consultants too. There are lots of options for pain management available and some clinics will even refer you to an osteopath on the NHS. I was lucky enough to live in an area in London which offered acupuncture on the NHS and I found this particularly beneficial. TENS machines can help relieve pain too but I would only do this under guidance from a pain specialist. Steroid injections can also help with pain from damaged/bulging discs but they only last a few months and have to be repeated. Your Pain Management Clinic sounds pretty crap as they are not exploring the many options available. I wish you good luck, I know changing GP can seem daunting especially when you're stressed out from so much pain already. But, you have the right to a decent service from the NHS and should not have to go private.

  • Also, what type of Pain management clinic were you referred to ? There are two types - the one that deals with meds for your pain and there is also the type i went to, which does absolutely nothing about your medication, but DOES teach you different ways to work with your pain, and talks about pacing and explains how pain works etc. For me, it was the best ! It was a 12 week course, twice a week and it helped me far more than any doctors did. It wasn't mumbo-jumbo, and is usually run in small groups of 5 to 6 people.

  • Thanks jaffa7 I appreciate you reply

  • Its not always possible to change surgeries as there may be only one in your area.I believe you can see any gp you want to in the same practice especially if that gp has a particular area of expertise ie gynae .

  • Thanks for your adding me emz

  • This doctor I have is pretty useless. He fobs me of. I had pneumonia 2 months ago I had an awful pain in my lung could hardly get a breath when I breathed in it was agony. I had been to him 3 times in a week and a half. He started me on a course of antibiotics told me he wasn't giving me anything for the pain in my lung as I was taking enough. I wasn't there looking for tablets, I was there cos I cudnt breath. The 2nd time I went to see him he gave me steroids and told me to go home two days later I was burning up pains in my legs and the pain had spread to both my lungs. The 3rd time I went to him he told me there was nothing he cud do. He never did the blow test to check weather or not my breath was over 400. I was crying about the pain and he then said that's all ur concerned about is getting more drugs I told him I wasn't I was just in agony. He then said he was putting a note on my file regarding drug misuse and habit. I went to a and e after I left him and was admitted as I was bad. I spent over a week in hospital I cudnt even get over 100 on lung blow test. I went to another gp in my surgery and when he went to look at my file there was the note in big pink writing that I was a drug I was mortified. So I want a gp who listens instead of making me feel worthless

  • Have you gone to A&E with severe pain? I went to my GP with similar symptoms to yours and the pain on examination was so severe that I cried. She was on the phone and had me admitted within 2 hours and during that stay I had an MRI and an op. Its always worth asking to see another Doctor. Alarm bells should be ringing in any GPs head when the look at the amount of pain control you need. Find another surgery lin your area, ask around to see which has a good reputation, don't suffer in silence, no-one whatever qualifications they may have has the right to make you feel worthless.

  • McTimony Chiropractic and Alexander Teacher both of those disciplines together should enable you to see how you muscles are contributing to your pain and discomfort.

    Yoga is a good discipline to take up. It is worth finding a yoga teacher who understands pain issues.

    Hope this helps.

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