chronic pain

chronic pain

when i was very young,i had had gone fishing with my dad and had a fishing accident landing on my spine, which resulted in sciatic pain,i dont know what used to trigger the pain,when it did come, it was so sever, i used to put ice packs to numb the side of the leg, i couldnt sleep, sit or even stand

i had upteen xrays of my spine and saw so many doctors, who all told me ,"i need spinal surgery", which i was scared to proceed which could also lead to paralysis waist down

i have a friend in usa who suggested i try a supplement, even though the supplement was not avaialble in my country also i was skeptic as it was expensive but i was so tired of the pains i was willing to give anything a shot, i started seeing relief in a few weeks, and now its history,,its know as signalling

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  • what was the suppliement

  • Hello

    What is the suppliement. It would seem that you have nipped the sciatic nerve in you leg, if they say an operation than this would be the best way too go. Many of these supps tend not to give what you require in the first place, you need too use this possibly with your GP or hospital. and assist along your path

  • its a non toxic supplement,,and it gave more than i expected,,,

    its the nerve in my spine which goes all the way down to the leg which was pinched due to damage to the spine,,,

    xrays shows the spine is no longer damaged,,

    which means the supplement has repaired the damage in my spine,, even the doctors dont believe

  • the person who suggested,, i know his wife also had severe knee and hip issues which doctors said was impossible to repair,, what craig last told me,,,,his wife health issues are more than 80% cured,,,i know its hard to believe ,,,but its true

  • it has made me realise,,not to accept or believe everything doctors say,,,

  • Good for you you found something that works. It may not work the way you think it does but it works. What is this supplement? I am interested.

  • well irrespective how it worked for my 2 friends and me,, the point is the pain is no more

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