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Hi I am 36 and for the last 5 years of my life I have been in pain and on a lot of tablets daily. I have chronic back pain, siatica, bulging discs and nerve damage. My first gp is bloody useless had me on oxycodone oxynorm etc I was like a zombie yes the pain was gone but so was I zoned out and not fit for anything. I am waiting to go to pain clinic there's 4 month waiting list. I have been on my current tablets for 2 and a half years and they don't seem to be working as I'm in agony I can't sleep as it's so sore I usually go to the livingroom and get a couple of hours sleep before the kids get up I sleep siting up as it's the only way I can sit without being in contast pain. My daily tablets are Co codamol, amitriptyline, baclofen, tramadol sr and palexia. The gp has also added a tablet called lamotrigine. Lately things have been changing my let foot and ankle keep swelling my body feels everyday like as if I'm taking the flu my muscles are all sore. Like I said at the start I'm 36 and have no life at all can't do things with the kids. It's a vicious circle of tablets pain and being fed up. The results of my mri scan where bulging discs. L3 L4 L5 and S1 is where my probs are. Has anyone else on here have any tips or advice on how to deal with my pain and help on how to deal with my gp who seems happy enough to keep adding on tablets. Sorry for the long story ☺

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I suffer from siactica and back pain and have seen so many different doctors and no one has given me a definite answer. I just take medication thrown at me and told to do Physio! You need to stay strong and fight, tell your doctor straight or ask for a second opinion which your entitled to.

Tips for your pain, try lying on your front with cushions underneath you, with your bottom in the air ( believe me this really helps me, although you do look a bit strange!!)

I would suggest asking to see a pain management doctor as well as they are more willing to try different things to help relieve your pain.

Try and distract yourself from the pain listen to your favourite music, keep moving ( I know it's hard but it's the best thing)

And if you do this hopefully you will get to enjoy your kids and do mummy things again.

Hope this helps. Chin up L x

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Thank you keeler. I will def try the cushion thing my ones will think I've lost the plot lol. It's so difficult at the minute with it being summer and not being able to.do.much with the kids I'm sure they are pissed off like myself tho they wud never say.anything or complain and they help me so much. My gp thinks I'm a drug as I was with him 4 weeks in a row I was putting my point across and he said do u think u might have a problem with these drugs as you r on so many it's seems everywhere I turn I hit a brick.wall.


Hi, I sympathise with you. I have (it seems like) been passed from pillar to post with my health care, and it took me a long long time to get a diagnosis.

I have now been referred to a pain consultant, and have a pain team, who support me. Being referred to a pain centre is a huge benefit as they like to concentrate on helping you deal with the pain you suffer, so that you (hopefully) will be able to reduce your medication, and start to become more like the human being you know you can be.

There are certain procedures that a pain team will know and understand that your GP won't even have heard of. My GP is totally driven by what my pain team tell him and he will only prescribe medication approved by my pain team. (which is good as I have now been able to reduce my medication and become more functioning than before)

Never apologise for the length of your story, it's your story and it takes as long as it takes to get it over. It's never easy explaining your story to others (I still take ages to explain it to close friends and family, and if anyone is really a true friend they will want to hear it to understand what they can do and say to help you out.)

It does take a while for the first appointments at pain clinics, there are only a few of them, and they have a lot of patients to see. But when they do see you, they will make sure they give you the time you need to fully discuss things with them, and they will be able to offer support and advice to you. Hang in there!

Distraction techniques are always good to help you overcome pain, but I know myself it's easier said than done, you could ask your GP if there is a pain management programme you could get on before you get to the pain clinic (the pain clinic you are waiting to see may have one as well) Pain management programmes will give you lots of help, support and advice about what techniques you can try, breathing, interests, etc.. that you can use when your pain levels rise.

I wish you well, if you feel you need a rant as your pain levels are getting high, log in and let rip, sometimes thats the best thing you can do!

Keep us informed on how you are getting on!



Thanks for the advice. I asked gp to refer me to pain.clinic he won't do it until I have an mri until he sees what shows up. He hasn't asked the consultant yet so what do you do. It's going round in circles I'm am fed up. I was saving to pay for private mri but I can't pay it now as santa needs sorted that's more important ☺


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