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I am 48 years old I have had osteoporosis since I was 38 years old so ten years now I have been taking Adcal-D3 chewable tablets and Alendronic acid tablets also capsaicin cream which I got from the pain clinic I'm also on Buprenorphine 52.5mcg trams patches I am fed up getting told I'm too young to have this I know it's not hiredetarry as my mum got the bone scan the week before me as she had breast cancer and we're putting her on another cancer drug I got sent for the bone scan because I was on the depo injection for 13 yrs and your only meant to be on it 5years and have a break off it but they kept me on it and I've been told it was the depo injection that has done it to me I have just had a bit of bone removed from my shoulder cause my shoulder bone had dropped and was trapping my tendon I have osteoporosis in my spine hips wrists shoulders I'm in chronic pain24/7 just wondered what anybody else thought I could use to ease the pain I bought the pain pen as well but didn't help I have been told I will never work again which is hard to take cause I'm a grafter

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How about posting this on the Osteoporosis Forum web site. UK or USA . I am a member poster ( but not recently) on the UK site. I am sure someone on there will be able to help you.

The only other thing I can add is beware of Alendronic Acid. But of course you maybe one of the lucky ones who can tolerate it without the horrendous side effects that others and I have had. I no longer am on any of the Osteoporosis drugs due to the side effects of the four I've tried. And stopped the Adcal due to fear of kidney stones etc. but still take a calcium based pill with various minerals such as Boron on a daily basis when I remember!

Other health/ pain problems tend to take priority!

Hope this has been some help to you.


Hello Rose petal

Everyone is told the have osteoproses. I am vegetarian and have soft bones not brittle bones. Calcium turns your joints to stone.

There is a lovely web page by Kriskin she should be given a Nobel prize for science. She explained all the Doctors' research showing the need for Magnesium for the uptake of calcium. Sadly Doctors' research is ignored in favour of drug companies research

Peace & Love from the UK

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I will look the article up. I get my magnesium from green veg and seeds. As can't take the magnesium mineral pills. And go through fazes of having Goat milk which is better than cows for Osteoporosis.

I take a liquid vit D.every so often.

Best wishes from England!🌹


Hello Rosepetal

I take citrate Magnesium 400mg by Solgar because our fruit and vegetables dont have enough magnesium in it because of farming methods. We get enough Calcium in our food and too much Calcium ruins the magnesium uptake. I have Soya milk and my daughter have organic cows milk in small amounts.

Like you I have liquid vitamin D

Warm regards


Goat milk is best for Osteoporosis. I cannot tolerate the magnesium tablets so Nutriciiant suggested I get magnesium from green veg such as Kale etc. sometimes I buy organic and seeds.


Hello rose petal, have you tried the magnesium spray? I had trouble with mag. Tablets but the skin spray I found no problems.I have been using it for about 1year.last two visits to dentist have been filling free,with 'arrested decay' in two tiny spots,otherwise perfect tells me the magnesium would have made a huge difference to directing calcium to teeth and that in his opinion will do the same for bone health.I hope so since I have been told osteoporosis - also I will not take biphospinates,had 5 years on them due to BC and found for me they were horrid!

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Oh wow, that is so interesting. Thank you for this info.

I have never heard of Magnesium spray. Did you buy it from a pharmacy?


Hi Rosepetal, I get mine online from better you.very good company and quick delivery too. hope it helps you too.

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Thank you for this info. I will look online


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