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Pregabalin side effects

Hi All,

I hope you are having a reasonable pain day.

Just wondering, we all know the wonderful weight gain and muzzy head side effects from pregabalin - I had to take extra yesterday as sciatic pain was grisly and I'm very twitchy today, random jerking. Anyone experienced this please?

Or maybe it's my SCS given me a jolt???!!!

Opinions please,

Many thanks,



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Hi I had pregabalin and it gave me hepatitis so had to stop it made me really bad my friend takes it and has no problems with it


Hi., when I was taking pregabalin I would be forgetful & I'd have the shakes everydayI was taking upto 75mg twice a day . Everybody is differant iam now taking nortrypyiline insteadI still get side effects but more manageable. Wish you well x


Funny old day here but managing thank you.

I think this is from the sciatica rather than pregabalin.

Hope you all enjoyed your walk - well done you.

Sooper hugs


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Hi,I take Pregabalin for head pains but the effects are as you say.I don't know if my twitching is the result of my accident or the medication.I have weaned myself to one a day but still feel dizzy the following day.


Hi I've been taking 300ng twice a day for 16 months for nerve pain after prolapse surgery back in 2012. My concern is like you say the wonderful weight gain and forgetfulness. I Would say the twitching is the meds as I too have this problem. Someone once said to me Weight gain vs pain I know which option I would choose. The pain is to much to bear so I choose pregabalin

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Lyrica will do this. I take it and get Jerky. I'm wondering if you are satisfied with your scs? Was it worth all the time and trouble? I had failed back surgery 7 months ago. I have had pain, burning stinging nerve pain started in my left sole of foot and now have it in calves and left thigh. I did not have this pain prior to surgery other than occasionally having left outer thigh numbness. I had major surgery cause my legs started going weak and my mri showed a large disk bulge at T12 L1 and advanced canal stenosis at L2 L3. Do i had a posterior laminectomy and interbody fusion and instrumentation at T12 L1 and a L2-L3 hemi laminectomy left side. I wish I would of avoided surgery but I can't roll back the clocks. I'm only 48 and was active healthy male. I live in the Philadelphia area now and take all kinds of meds for the pain but they don't help much. I plan on seeing other neurosurgeons here to evaluate my condition and post op imaging. Some.doctors told me further surgery my be more harmful Than helpful but I can see from the mri there is still a disk bulge at T12 L1 as the posterior laminectomy only decompressed the back side and he did not remove the annulus protruding into my canal. I also have some traction spurs there too that the post op cat scan showed me. I am considering a scs as a few docs recommended it but would like to know to know your thoughts please.

Thanks Jerry


Hi I used to get the shakes but I'm now not sure wether it was to do with the nerves the pain or the medication although I do think it was the med's so I stopped the medication to have my child.

I'm in a much worse situation now since giving birth I have to take numerous med's everyday have prolapsed disks in neck & compressed spinal nerve roots.

I hope you find the best way to deal with the pain xx


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