Fractured elbow!

Hi i recently fell over quite hard went to a&e where they confirmed 2 fractures in my arm close to my elbow. Anyway long story short Had an appointment for the plaster room to have a cast fitted then suddenly the doctor said i dont Need one and have now been sent home with a very painful arm that i cannot straighten or bend my elbow feel so hot! I feel as though ive been brushed off to just deal with it myself. Thanks for reading hopefully someone can help. :-)

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  • Very painful RachaelP881

    Was your elbow still swollen when this Doctor saw you? They won't put a caste on if it was.

    Did no one say anything to you? Some fractures can be left without any plaster but they would have told you and at least given you a sling. Probably tell you take some OTC pain meds even if they didn't give you a prescription.

    I would go and see your own GP and tell him what has happened.


  • thanks for replying firstly the nurse in the a&e department told me i have 2 fractures and she also said i would have to come back for an appointment to have a cast put on then she gave me painkillers and some other medication to take home and come back today so i did this morning the nurse said the doctor was just setting things up in the next room for me then he came in and just sort of brushed me off and took my sling away saying i dont Need it now even though i cant support my arm properly myself. X

  • So no one said what was going on today? No come back in 6 weeks or whenever? Did you ask the nurse?


  • Nope nothing im very confused i asked what now and how long will it take to heal he told me it would probably be healed in 6-8 weeks and that was it this is the reason i didnt want to go

  • Well if that was his attitude I would see your GP.

    You will need physio at some point, not yet, and that can take ages to organise.

    You can put in a complaint against the Doctor - lack of patient care. That is up to you but go see your GP. He can prescribe pain meds if you need them

    Sorry I can't offer any more help.



  • Wow, Rachael, this sounds like appalling care - if you could call it care. As Paton says, go and see your GP as soon as possible. Perhaps they can refer you to someone else who will take this seriously and deal with it for you.

    I think if I was in your position, if your GP can't/won't help, I'd try another A&E department or do you have a walk-in centre or minor injuries unit near you? When I had a fall last year (flat on my face - blood everywhere) I got short shrift from our local A&E unit (they were snowed under - full of drunks - 8 hours waiting time). So I headed in the other direction across the city to a minor injuries unit and got good treatment there.

    Do push the medics for some proper treatment here. This is awful. :-(

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