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Hi I have a PIP assessment tomorrow, and I have been on ESA for over five years. I only waited about 4 months. I also have to travel quite far for the appointment but I have made sure I have someone who can take me. After all the other benefit disasters I have had trying to claim ESA and DLA, Im not going in and being so soft and honest. seems its best to exaggerate but I suffer enough without having to lie x x

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  • Hi realsorelady there is a lot of horror stories flying about pip assessments but I've just had mine and it was fine the lady was really understanding just relax don't work yourself up about it and tell it how it is on your really bad day and explain everything i heard the result 2 weeks after assessment which was Tuesday and I was awarded the highest on both im awaiting a knee and hip replacement so good luck and be calm best wishes paula x

  • You shouldn't have to lie. I'm the same but i have been on DLA for my Lupus. I had to get a solicitor because they refused me saying i dont have a disability. My argument was that when i have a lupus flare i can not do anything for myself as the pain actually does disable me. Now i have to go through it all again as my condition has got worse as tbe Lupus has affected my lungs and i have to apply for PiP. God help me. Good luck to you. Hope all goes well for you.

  • Hi good luck,i had to go twice for assessment,got pip on 2nd attempt,didnt wait long for reply,a on middle level,just tell them how sore you are and what help u have to get off family and friends x

  • Remember it's your worst days you talk about x

  • Good Luck make sure they understand your conditions.

  • Hi,

    If you can take someone in with you. Best not to lie, but describe your worst day symptoms. Good luck.

  • Don't trust anything they say or do, they are just out to catch you. Its like going for a test of 100 questions get one wrong, its enough for them. I really hope you have no problems.......take care

  • I just had an assessment for industrial injuries benefit today with ATOS. The staff were really kind and the Doctor really listened to how my conditions affect me. He wrote everything down and I read through it before I left. He really put my wife and I at ease. I have previously had an assessment for PIP and was dealt with by a qualified nurse who was also very reasonable. I must say that both my experiences with ATOS have been really positive.

  • I have just received a text from DWP after posting claim forms back to them it said it can take up to 11 weeks to process. How long did yours take and how do they examine you as i am worried as every time i have been examined since my accident i am in agony for over a month afterward as my back is shot to bits just waiting for MRI scan now to find out once and for all what is causing the chronic back and Sciatic nerve pain that has got so bad i cant work and my mobility has been badly affected. Can you let me know as you have already been through it. Thanks in Advance' Poohbear'

  • Hi Poohbear_1 sounds like me a few years ago. I have had 3 MRI scans now all stating damaged l4/5 s1 lower back. After 5 long years of appts, scans, physiotherapists, Acupunture the conclusion was Degenerative disc disease and Fibromyalgia. Still not happy, suffering just as much as ever. Having Facet Joint Injections after Christmas, but had steroid injections few years ago and it didn't help. Anyway my assessment was ok. The young lady who said she was a nurse was very nice. I answered all questions honestly and threw in a few negative things that happened at previous tribunals. She seemed to understand, but I have had assessments in the past and they seemed to believe me and I got nil points. She said it will take up to 6 weeks to hear and I guess I will just have to wait and see. Unfortunately, I lost a good Job, and because the NHS were so slow diagnosing me, I could not claim ill health retirement. I have been struggling on ESA only for over 5 years now. Just make sure you push doctors, because the delays have been ridiculous for me. take care


  • Please can anybody help me?

    Had my PIP assessment two weeks ago and it has been turned down. I am so worried because it says tat I will lose my Motability car that I have had for over 30 years. My main difficulity is with moving around. The letter I have received says lots of things that are untrue. The physical examination the assor did was minimal. I have problem with walking outside on uneven surfaces, I wear a calliper, I cannot walk more than 20 metres without having pain in my back, I have very poor coordination, I easily fall, etc . I work full time and my work is office based. Without my motability car, I will be absolutely housebound. I am so worried. I am going to ask for a madatory reconsideration and if I don't get the result that I think I should have, I will appeal. What chances do I have to win? I am so reliant on my car. I literally can not go out without it. Has anybody gone through the same experience as I have.

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