Gotta start eating some how

Food is not going down and it has been a while since I eaten well for days at a time. I suffer from Achalasia where my muscle in my esophugus has stopped working and food get stuck also the lining can get ssso sensitive that water will feel like drinking bleach and will just come back up as quick as it went down. Mentally it is basically Torture.

       I get spasms and the pain can get so bad it knocks me to the floor. I would wish this on anyone and I can think of a few enemies I hate a lot. If I don't get enough food and water down me in the next 24 hours I will have to go down A&E to get a drip into me. Trouble is my blood has to show severe dehydration or they will go off like they have in the past. Dehydration can mess with ones head also so I gotta keep a check on what I say and think. Look it up and be grateful your healthy.

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  • There is an oseaphageal forum. It might be more suitable to post over there.

  • Really sorry about your pain. I don't think it a subject you will get much practical advice from here as it concentrates on Fibromygelia sufferers. I would google your condition and find a site that will have the knowledge to help you.

    Best of luck.

  • I thought this part was about pain in General not a specific pain or I wouldn't of typed my busines on here.

  • Yes Dodo this is for all those in chronic pain  Hartleyhare2 has made a mistake but don't worry.

    There is however a site on Oseaphageal which is more likely to be able to help you. Go try and see how you get on.

    Good Luck


  • My bad dodo I only go on fibro site and for some reason it put me in here. I'm really sorry for my mistake and hope you've found some people to chat with.

  • Had a very, very quick read on Wikipedia 

    . And just wondered if you have been offered or considered surgery as the success rate seems high.

  • I was told by a Doctor Nutt that my sphincter was to badly scarred for Heller myotomy and he could do nothing but balloon dialations or botox. Believeme I would dive at the chance of ssurgery because this is Hell nothing but torture. 

  • Hi Dodo, my Apologies and sympathy. There is no question of me not believing you. I am completely out of my depth here. Can't suggest anything except follow  Pat's suggestion and keep on searching the Internet to find people in same situation as yourself wherever they might be for help and support, 

  • Thank you I do just got a bit confused which I get when dehydrated.

  • Dear Dodo,

    I can only offer you my sympathy and prayers, I'm afraid.  As has been said above, this is regrettably, NOT a site that can realistically help you.  Please understand that this, very definitely, NOT because we don't care-far from it!

    I do hope that you can find the help that you, very clearly, need.

    Please do let us know, will you please?

    Kindest wishes AndrewT

  • I amagine that you must be scared to eat and drink for the risk of choking? And when you do eat and drink you know the pain that your going to get is going to be bad. It sounds awful but I don't understand why they can't  put in a feeding tube perminent ly to make sure you get all the nutrients you need and to stop you from getting dehydrated?  Or would that be too painful as well? I really do hope you find help soon as it's an awful thing to have to live with. You need to tell your specialist that your not coping with the feeling of choking and the pain and you now need help. They could put a feeding tube through your abdomin into your stomach. It's worth asking. Good luck.

  • I am not that bad yet but Doc did say something about a feeding tube going into my stomach but I would rather struggle than risk tubes, you know infections and all that.

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